What's new in cosmetic medicine and surgery?

Dr. Alexandre Koutsomanis, qualified specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

If you dream of a subtle rejuvenation, refreshed eyes, or fuller lips, but the thought of botched injections and unnatural results dampens your enthusiasm, fear not. We asked Dr. Alexandre Koutsomanis, a qualified specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery, to shed light on the latest trends and best methods in cosmetic medicine and surgery to help you see more clearly.

First observation: "In France, and even in the United States where we see figures like Kim Kardashian, Courtney Love, or Victoria Beckham removing their implants, the trend is increasingly towards a natural look: patients simply want a youthful touch with light and non-invasive surgery," confirms Dr. Koutsomanis. Let's take a look at the latest techniques on the scene.


For a younger-looking appearance

In aesthetic medicine: for drooping upper and lower eyelids, highly precise medical treatments are available using radiofrequency and fractional CO2 laser. In just two sessions, these treatments can lift the eyes by effectively retracting the eyelids. To fill in under-eye hollows and rejuvenate the look, certain types of hyaluronic acid (specifically designed for under-eye use) yield excellent results. Patients may experience some minor bruising or scabbing, but nothing significant.

In aesthetic surgery: when under-eye bags are prominent and the hollows are deep, surgical intervention may be necessary. This involves removing excess skin from the upper and/or lower eyelids through a procedure called blepharoplasty, effectively eliminating under-eye bags for life. For under-eye hollows, a small fat transfer procedure can be performed: micro fat globules are harvested from elsewhere on the patient's body and injected into the hollows. The results are impressive, but recovery may involve bruising for 7 to 10 days. However, the scars are nearly invisible, located either beneath the eyelashes or in the crease of the upper eyelid.


For fuller lips

injection acide hyaluronique

For lip volumization, progress lies in the quality and composition of products, featuring hyaluronic acids that are more hydrating and moderately volumizing. This helps avoid the "duck lips" effect while also smoothing out fine lines, giving the patient a glossier, plumper, and more hydrated mouth, all while maintaining a natural appearance. The second advancement is in injection techniques, using less traumatic needles and fine cannulas to deposit the product without causing cuts or bruises, thus minimizing swelling. Patients can return to social activities the same day!


To erase wrinkles above the lips

In aesthetic medicine: to address perioral wrinkles, often referred to as "barcode" lines, there are new reti-X peelings based on retinol to rejuvenate this area. This treatment is typically done in 2 sessions at the clinic. Additionally, there are focused ultrasound treatments specifically targeting perioral wrinkles. These new techniques, using advanced machines, are particularly effective for treating these wrinkles, especially in smokers who tend to purse their lips while holding a cigarette. Combined with retinol peels and possibly mesotherapy, there are promising results.

In surgery: as people age, the white portion of the lip may elongate while the upper red lip thins. Under local anesthesia, without bruising or pain, a white lip lift can be performed. A small strip of skin is removed from the junction between the nose and the lip, with nearly invisible scars inside and at the base of the nose. This procedure reduces the height of the white lip and reshapes the red lip.


For refining the cheeks

In aesthetic medicine, the trend is towards a refined, angular face. To achieve this, one option is buccal fat removal, also known as buccal lipectomy or bichectomy. This procedure involves removing the small fat pads naturally present in the inner cheeks to refine facial contours and accentuate the natural appearance of the cheekbones.


For the jawline

In aesthetic medicine, for a young person seeking to alter their facial contour, such as achieving a more square or less receding jawline, correction can be achieved through jawline contouring. This is a new technique imported from the United States, which involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the mandibular and chin areas to sculpt and redefine the jawline.


for the double chin

In aesthetic medicine: focused ultrasound can be utilized to attempt fat reduction and redefine facial contours.

In surgery: liposuction is performed to completely remove all fat beneath the chin. This may be complemented with a special dressing that helps reattach the skin to the buccal floor.


nose surgery

In surgery, there's a growing trend towards preserving the anatomy of the nose. Forty years ago, a significant amount of cartilage and bone was often removed. Nowadays, the aim is to preserve the nasal anatomy as much as possible, with minimal dissections. This approach has led to improved recovery, with significantly reduced bruising.


For a radiant glow

injection carbone

We're focusing on less traumatic peeling techniques, such as the carbon peel, where carbon is applied to the skin and left on for 15-20 minutes before being activated by a laser. It's an immediately effective treatment, providing instant results that last for 7-8 days. It's popular before events like weddings or parties because it gives an instant glow without any post-treatment redness or social downtime; you look radiant right after the procedure, without any peeling.

Another option is the Hollywood Peel, an enhanced laser peel offered in clinics. Laser treatment is a medical-grade procedure reserved for doctors. It can be performed on anyone, regardless of skin type or age, with no contraindications. The results include improved skin tone, texture, deep cleansing, reduced pore size, sebum regulation for oily skin (which also helps with acne), and purification for dry skin.

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