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Soins Coup D Eclat

The start of the school year has been tough and you already have a little mine. We have tested for you three new treatments to boost your radiance and restore your glow ! At your reservations.

The 30-minute express from My Blend

For who ? The overbooked who don't let go.

Where ? In the heart of the Marais , in the brand new Maison My Blend and its spa with 3 spacious and comfortable cabins where advanced protocols co-developed with Chantal Lehmann , expert in manual therapy , are offered .

The concept: a tailor-made treatment that combines technology and expert gestures, all boosted by the power of the Led My Blend mask .

The promise: magnificent skin texture, a girlish complexion.

The protocol: a make- up remover massage to thoroughly cleanse and prepare the skin. Depending on the needs, we switch to technology with radiofrequency to stimulate the production of collagen, electrostimulation to firm the contours and cryo-aesthetics to oxygenate and tone. Then make way for a deep massage and a Led mask session to reinforce the benefits of the treatment, boost radiance and even out the complexion.

Result: 5 years younger, a dream look and plump baby skin.

My Face Touch, L’Express 30 mn, 60 €

The My Blend House , 23 rue Debelleyme, Paris 3rd. 01 88 80 18 76.
© Vinciane Lebrun

Esthé's revitalizing sophro treatment

For who ? Stressed women who wish to combine relaxation and radiance.

Where ? Chez Esthé , the new aesthetic medicine center on rue François Miron in the heart of the Marais , which now offers a new approach to its facial protocols by partnering with Ressource Corps Mental and its new sophro-mask .

The concept: finish the chosen treatment with the application of a plumping mask coupled with a sophrology session .

The promise: a radiant complexion, a healthy mood.

The protocol: for the revitalizing sophro treatment that we tested, the protocol takes place in 3 steps and lasts 60 minutes. 1st step: gentle dermabrasion of the skin for deep cleansing. 2nd step: a deep infusion of active ingredients selected according to the skin's needs is applied using a high-performance ultrasound device . 3rd step: 15 minutes of pure relaxation with the installation of the sophro-mask : a treatment mask filled with hyaluronic acid and powerful active ingredients of natural origin connected to an audio session of guided sophrology.

Result: relaxed features, a luminous complexion and a calm mind.

Sophro revitalizing treatment 1 hour, €180

Aesthe , 29 rue François Miron, Paris 4th. 01 40 61 91 58.

The expert Jet Peel face treatment from Chi, Le Spa

For who ? Those looking for an alternative to injections.

Where ? At Chi, The Spa of the sublime Shangri-La palace .

The concept: active ingredients in the form of microscopic droplets, propelled by a powerful jet of air into the deep layers of the epidermis, and yet without contact with the skin.

The promise: clear skin, a radiant complexion.

The protocol: it is divided into three stages. 1st step: deep drainage to remineralise, smooth and oxygenate the skin. 2nd step: a bio - peel with a non-invasive 10% glycolic acid solution for deep cleansing, refined skin texture and revived radiance. 3rd step: the projection of the active ingredients to oxygenate the tissues, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. A booster of your choice is added, such as vitamin C if you are looking for radiance in particular.

Result: from the first session, the skin is plumped, hydrated and luminous.

To be renewed regularly to optimize and stabilize the results over time.

Jet Peel Expert treatment, 45 minutes, €190

Chi, The Spa at Shangri La, 10 avenue d'Iéna, Paris 16th. 01 53 67 19 78

© Francis Amiand

And always...

Kult at Facekult

Le soin Kult chez Facekult

For who ? Baby enthusiasts are looking for a sharp facialist at an affordable price to start over as often as possible.

The place. First monomaniac Parisian place dedicated to facial training in Paris, the studio born in the Sentier now also has a residence in the beauty loft of Bon Marché on the same formidable effective concept.

The treatment to test: Kult , the house's signature treatment, ie 30 minutes of a robust massage which consists of building the muscles of the face like others sculpt their abs or their buttocks. The more we do, the better it works.

How it works ? A deep cleansing with homemade vegan products and warm-up maneuvers that loosen tense areas and relax the features, the workout with the application of serum to strengthen the muscles and tone the contours of the face , and finally the stretching to stretch and smooth features using a sheathing balm. The extra thing: the possibility of customizing your treatment with 15 minutes of a booster according to your needs, such as an anti- wrinkle rose quartz roll-on to smooth or a hyaluronic acid infusion to multiply the plumping effect.

€59 per treatment. 29 € the additional boost. Facekult , 43 rue d'Aboukir, Paris 2nd. 01 83 98 87 43

Forever Young BBL at Esthé

Le soin Forever Young chez Aesthé

For who ? Women looking for a youthful boost with a non-invasive medical touch to match an immediate spectacular effect with lasting prevention.

The place. Aesthé , a new gable center on the Marais which is revolutionizing and taking the drama out of aesthetic medicine. Its sleek, bright and very colorful design invites you to open the door as spontaneously as in a spa or institute. Note: a consultation with a doctor is proposed before each treatment to define a tailor-made protocol.

The treatment to be tested: Forever Young BBL , a needle-free protocol unique in France for photorejuvenation at the cutting edge of technology. It must be said that the BBL laser appears to be the most powerful and complete IPL device on the market for maintaining skin health, improving its texture and elasticity and delaying aging.

How it works ? For half an hour, the practitioner performs 3 to 4 passages of the BBL laser on the area to be treated with a small sensation of heat. And it's bent! From the first appointment, you leave with a radiant and even complexion. After a few sessions: a marked reduction in wrinkles, spots, redness and imperfections.

Forever Young BBL facial treatment, 30 mins €560. Aesthe , 29 rue François Miron, Paris 4th. 01 40 61 91 58

Lucille Brunette's Cold Plasma

Le plasma froid de chez Lucille Brunette

For who ? Fans of the latest high-tech beauty innovations.

The place. Ex-make-up artist prized by Tout-Paris, Lucille Brunette has opened a charming salon on rue Montorgueil, which has become the benchmark for permanent make-up.

The right treatment: cold plasma , a needle-free technique using high-frequency current. This mixture of neutral particles of electrons with ions and protons is diffused in depth so that the cells feed on what they lack in order to smooth and beautify the skin on all parts of the body: eyelids, hands, sagging on the thighs …

How it works ? Using a small ceramic stylus, the surface of the skin is scanned with high frequency light beams. A spray of ionized gas is diffused without touching or burning the skin. Immediately after the session, the radiance is revealed, leaving the skin slightly red. In the days that follow, the skin texture is refined, the spots and irritations reduced, the skin is luminous, smooth and rejuvenated.

Count €100 to €400 depending on the area at Studio Lucille Brunette , 32 rue Montorgueil, Paris 1er. 06 44 06 06 76

Céline Claret-Coquet's Aculifting

L'aculifting chez Céline Claret-Coquet

For who ? Speeders looking for a natural alternative to botox or hyaluronic acid injections.

The place. Céline Claret-Coquet , the facialist that the stars snatch the day before a red carpet, left her native Lyon to set up her first Parisian address a stone's throw from Place des Vosges , in a holistic setting of splendid minimalist luxury.

The right treatment: aqualifting , a unique acupuncture-based treatment in Paris. His secret? Using the traditional methods of Chinese medicine from which she is a graduate, to which she associates cutaneous art with precise gestures.

How it works ? After studying your IQ and establishing your energy balance, Clara begins her extraordinary protocol: facial stimulation through an acupuncture session on the face and body. We sleep under her blanket and 20 minutes later she comes back to remove the needles. The key: raised cheekbones, lifted oval, doll complexion. A filter as effective as those offered by Instagram.

Aculifting: €180 for a 30-minute treatment. Claret-Coquet Paris , 21 rue de Turenne, Paris 4th. 01 43 36 71 18

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