Hédène, upscale honey !

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Here is the 100% Frenchy it-product that will brighten up your brunches, enhance your yogurts and give a glam touch to your granola. The new food snobbism, honey is making its come-back as the new chic product for foodies.

Hédène is the story of two Parisians dedicated to apiculture who had always dreamt of making their own honey. A successful wager for this duo producing exceptional nectars. Harvested all over France, this extra special honey sets forth all the little flowers of the Hexagon: acacia, chestnut tree or rosemary. The amazing know-how of real bee lovers and honey producers we are wild about!

The must ? Take your pick with 6 very regionalist honeys: acacia from Burgundy, chestnut tree from the Tarn, lavender from Provence or pine tree from the Jura, Rosemary from the Languedoc and linden tree from Picardie ! Yummy

Where to find it? At the Grande Epicerie, of course the palace of top notch products, Bread and Roses or Lafayette Gourmet.

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Where to find it?

La Grande Epicerie de Paris

38, rue de Sèvres

75007 Paris

01 44 39 81 00


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