The bible of general culture for dummies

Bible 21 Siecle

When a dandy journalist, passionate about of culture, gives himself as mission to update the knowledge of trendy Parisiennes, the result is a very clever general culture booklet.

Understanding the technical jargon of a DJ, being able to converse in mandarin or having a conversation with a scientific expert in nanotechnology, enough to sustain all situations.

From the latest literary hits, to the hot tv series such as Sex and the city & Desperate Housewives, including politics, Dr Dukan’s diet and the neon creations of Claude Lévêque, everything you need to know about 2013 to live in keeping with your time and shine in all circumstances is concentrated in less than 400 pages!

Le kit du 21e siècle

by François Reynaert and Vincent Brocvielle

JCLattès, 361 pages

19 €

written by

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