The drink that awakens your open-space


To fight the doldrums around the drippy espresso from the coffee machine at the office, DO IT has found the up and coming choice of drinks to pour good vibes in all you open-spaces.

The best solution? Winning a cascade of vitaminwater bottles for a divinely hype “happiness therapy”. In other words a real little shoot of colors, vitamins and good humor that will make our boss smile, blow away the tie of the cute guy in accounting and delight your trainee.

Why are we wild about this love  potion? Because these bottles are made in France and filled with everything we love: a very fresh New York spirit, a max of spring water and naturals aromas, an array of natural zingy colors (special kudos for the citrus-guava or lemon) sans preservatives. All with mini calories (65 cal / bottle) obviously, since it’s also the darling drink of models and party-girls…

How does it work? Do It In Paris and vitaminwater are teaming up so that 70 companies can win a cascade of vitaminwater delivered on their workplace. During its visit to the company, the vitaminwater team will organize a raffles with the participants, if there are several of you ! The winner will receive a box with 7 vitaminwater references  and a 3D pen.

« Drink with vitamin water. Glaceau vitaminwater and vitaminwater are trademark brands  déposées by Energy Brands inc. Coca-Cola Services France, SAS with a capital of 50.000 euros - 404 421 083 RCS Nanterre »

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