Buzzing jewellery!

Or Du Monde Bijoux

Braided gold and trinkets in embroidered gold thread are the new obsession of stylish girls. Proof on Instagram, just like the street style silhouette of hot Parisiennes...

Ultimate coolness: getting your hands on the latest Couture collection of the small designer OR DU MONDE, whose French know-how, both sophisticated and “less is more”, is a big success…

And we want everything! Earrings in gold thread as well as mini hoops that awaken your style, braided bracelets that give a chic and poetic touch to your wrists, twisted gold rings to wear in accumulation, the choker that is going to pimp your tee-shirt with message…

In short, the perfect capsule to give a wild allure to your uniform… It’s now or never the time to pass on the word to your latest flame or your BFF and ask for one of these precious ses accessoires—the new indispensable.

We like: in keeping with the green spirit attitude, this superb line, made with recycled gold. Ethical is chic !

Couture Collection in embroidered gold thread available on and in the OR DU MONDE boutique on rue Daguerre.

in the OR DU MONDE boutique on rue Daguerre

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