The new Jimmy Choo fashion accessory

Even if you have amazing 12 cm high ultra trend on your heels, it you don't leave an enticing scent behind you as you walk by, nobody will notice you.

So to go along with your elegant and feminine Jimmy Choo pumps, we need a perfume. And a very special one at that ! Now is the time to exchange that bottle we have been emptying out since years and pick up the brand new Jimmy Choo fragrance. On our skin, the green scents offer a pleasant fragrance and slowly morph into exotic and seductive Tiger Orchid to finally give place to sweeter and more sensual notes of caramel and patchouli.

Enclosed in a faceted Murano glass bottle as delicate as a piece of jewelry, the glamour, feminine and bewitching fragrance is worn without complex like a real deluxe accessory.

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