What's New in Body Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine ?

Breasts that are too small, flabby thighs, sagging skin: we asked Dr. Marsili, a specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, to reveal the very latest innovations. Scoop : breast and body reshaping are particularly hot topics !


Breast Surgery

"Very significant advances have been made to finally achieve truly natural results thanks to the use of highly performing next-generation breast implants, called ergonomic implants," explains Dr. Marsili. Gone are the stiff and overly rounded breasts! With implants specifically designed to maintain an anatomical shape, known as "pear-shaped," using a special shell and double silicone gel inside, this new technology mimics the appearance, feel, flexibility, and movements of the mammary gland, following the movements of the chest when the patient moves, runs, or lies down. The second advantage, also extremely important, is the small size of the scars, 2.5 to 3 cm, nearly invisible after a year.


Skin Tightening and Texture in Aesthetic Medicine

Skin tightening and texture have also been the subject of much research. "With age, the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid decreases significantly, resulting in loss of hydration, elasticity, tone, and consequently the appearance of fine lines," admits Dr. Marsili. To counteract this and regenerate the skin, it is necessary to combine several treatments, such as EXION FRAXEL, a new technology that combines fractional radiofrequency (using micro-needles) and ultrasound to stimulate the deep layers of the skin and the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. "This primarily improves skin tone and appearance," he continues. To do this properly, a cycle of 3 to 5 sessions is recommended, with one session per month, followed by maintenance throughout the year (1 or 2 sessions per year). Results are visible after 2 months. "This treatment should not be confused with non-fractionated radiofrequency, whose effectiveness is not comparable," emphasizes the doctor.

Also worth noting : hyaluronic acid injections specifically designed for the body, such as hand, knee, and décolleté treatments to restore hydration and skin radiance. Protocols must be customized based on skin type. "I also advise my patients to use a marine collagen-based dietary supplement. It is essential to choose one of good quality and environmentally friendly." The effects are visible after a few months on the quality of the skin, hair, nails, and joints.



an obsession for a natural effect

Aesthetic surgeon Doctor Ricardo Marsili

“ What my patients want is a very natural result ”, decrypts the surgeon. Far from the copy / paste seen on personalities, Dr Ricardo Marsili favors an ultra-personalized approach. “Basically, ” he explains, “ a successful intervention is improvement without knowing where it comes from .”


biorevitalization: the new preventive method


“ The great demand among millennials is primarily preventive medicine ,” explains the surgeon. Clearly: it's about preventing wrinkles from setting in. “ In this sense: regenerative medicine has made a lot of progress, starting with biorevitalization , which consists, with micro injections of hyaluronic acid and vitamins, to restart the process of cell renewal and collagen , to treat wrinkles and moisturize deeply . ”


botox otherwise

Botox injection

"Used in preventive mode with different doses and methods as those used to smooth the skin, Botox injections are extremely effective," said Dr. Ricardo Marsili, "like the chemical peel. Dosed more or less strong to exfoliate and renew the skin, it is an effective way to effectively slow down the aging process. ”


nose reshaping without surgery

Nose reshaping without surgery

How to improve your nose without going through the scalpel box? “ I do a lot of nose reshaping . The principle: refine the stops and raise the point. I use a combination of hyaluronic acid and botulinic acid ” , explains the surgeon.

Result: “ A practice that is done in 20 minutes at the office for long-lasting results. The features are not changed but improved and offer greater harmony to the face . ”


lipofilling: beautiful breasts without implants

Lipofilling, breast lipo without surgery

A true phenomenon, Lipofilling , the method of breast augmentation without prosthesis or implant, is unanimous among millennials. “ The result, which is very discreet and natural, is great because there is no scar, ” explains Dr Ricardo Marsili.

How it works ? “ We use the patient's own fat , which is taken from the areas the patient wants to improve such as saddlebags . The body is re-sculpted with a beautiful harmony of curves. ”


hyaluronic acid for a plump booty

Hyaluronic acid injection

After the fashion of the extra small buttocks Kate Moss style , the pretty behind drawn in Emily Ratajkowski are the coast. But how do you pimp your buttocks and afford a nice, well-rounded booty when it is naturally quite flattened?

“The rounder and plump buttocks are very popular, analyzes the surgeon. With suitable hyaluronic acid injections, the result is completely natural . I decide with my patient the shapes and the volume and it takes an hour and a half in the office. The result lasts 15 to 18 months. ”


abdominoplasty: photoshop from the can


The skin that hangs down after a baby, it can be a big blow to morale ... “ Abdominoplasty is a very popular practice for young mothers , when the skin on their stomachs remains a little loose after childbirth (or significant weight loss). We get very good results without a heavy post-operative recovery thanks to very personal techniques ”, explains the surgeon who has made it one of his specialties.


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