Aesthé: The Revolutionary Address to Sculpt Your Body

Aesthé beauty address to sculpt your body in Paris

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Located in the heart of the Marais, this new aesthetic medicine center is dedicated to those who want to firm, sculpt, and refine their silhouette in record time. What sets Aesthé apart? Offering the latest medical innovations, cutting-edge equipment, and a team of experts including doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, and body contouring specialists.

Among the treatments to try, TruBody® promises a sculpted silhouette with lifted buttocks, defined abs, and toned thighs. Here's how it works.


The Protocol

TruSculpt Technology from Aesthé

This innovative protocol has just arrived in France and combines two technologies: TruSculpt®, a heat treatment using monopolar radiofrequency to eliminate fat and smooth the skin, and TruFlex®, a customizable device to sculpt and tone abdominal, gluteal, oblique, and thigh muscles with next-gen multidirectional stimulation (54,000 contractions per session).

With one TruSculpt® session (€150, 15 minutes) and 4 to 6 TruFlex® sessions (€990 for a pack of 4 sessions, 15 minutes each) done two to three times per week, the results are incredible. Expect a toned, reshaped, muscular body with no fat deposits and smooth, firm skin.

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