The Most Innovative Anti-Aging In & Out Treatment in Paris

© Maison Villeroy, Angelina Alonzi

Have you ever heard of Intuisse Spa ? This ultra-confidential address, hidden within the sublime private mansion Maison Villeroy just steps away from Avenue Montaigne, is whispered among insiders... A true phenomenon across the Atlantic and notably in Los Angeles where all the power girls do it during lunch breaks, this secret spa offers anti-aging infusions that promise wonders : improvement of the body's metabolic processes, regulation of DNA repair, stress reduction, and even protection against diseases. Quite a program! We went to check it out up close.


The In & Out Treatment to Try

Maison Villeroy's Intuisse Spa offers a treatment combining the expertise of two brands: Intuisse facial products and NADclinic infusions, specializing in Nad+, an essential coenzyme promoting cellular renewal and combating signs of aging. Exclusively in France, you can try the winning combo : a range of highly customizable infusions administered by infusion, all accompanied and supervised by an accredited health professional and combined with a facial care offer. The promise ? Baby soft skin coupled with a deep sense of well-being.


A Highly Refined Protocol

Comfortably settled in a lovely spacious cabin, the NADclinic and Intuisse combo begins with the In part, the placement of the transfusion to gently diffuse, directly into the blood, the chosen Nad+ infusion : revitalizing, anti-fatigue, detox, or even hair & skin rejuvenation.

While this tailor-made cocktail flows through your veins, your face is taken care of for the Out part with the Intuisse signature treatment, also a personalized protocol combining highly concentrated formulas, machines, and expert gestures, relying on the combination of serums, masks, lifting massages, and muscle electrostimulation. As an option : oxygenation and LED light therapy are offered to boost the treatment. Result ? A very beautiful glowing skin, regained energy.

NADclinic & Intuisse Combo, 60 minutes, starting from €729


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