The best care for your feet for the summer days  

The best foot care institute

The sandal season is open ! It is therefore urgent to pamper your feet, which have been mistreated all winter. How to prepare, repair, and chic-ify them ? Here’s a list of essential treatments to get clean and green feet in your Birkenstocks !


Treat yourself with Rose !

Rose Deren in paris

How ? By booking an at-home massage with the foot fairy : Rose Deren.

The right treatment : A one-hour session of Sokushindo, a rather extraordinary ancient Japanese therapy that she mixes with reflexology basics. With brushwork and deep pampering, this gesture guru provides a treatment as intense as it is deep, with effects that spread and circulate throughout the body, from the tips of the toes to the top of the head. Absolutely addictive.

The extra touch ? This fashion photographer turned wellness guru is an aesthete and arrives with the perfect setup to transport you elsewhere : cushions, a heated blanket, enchanting massage oil, an energizing playlist, and a cheerful demeanor.

Rose Deren. €90 per hour at home in Paris, Boulogne, and Paris North. Booking at 06 12 46 06 66.


Indulge in a 5-Star treatment

Stéphanie Lucas Podiatry Office foot care

How ? By making an appointment with the best podiatrist in Paris.

The right treatment : The exceptional skill of the sublime Stéphanie Lucas, who transforms any poorly shaped foot into a lovely one, directly from her charming and picturesque office in the 16th arrondissement. Ingrown nails, resistant corns, calloused skin: her keen eye scrutinizes every flaw and with a clip, file, and buffer, she gives you princess-worthy feet.

The extra touch ? Rare for a professional, Stéphanie combines medical pedicure and foot beauty. The cherry on top after this complete treatment : a flawless nail polish application and feet ready to slip into pretty sandals as you leave.

Stéphanie Lucas Podiatry Office. 35 avenue d’Eylau, Paris 16th. €90 for the complete treatment with nail polish application.


Give them a vacation look

Ginger 9 Nails russian pedicure

How ? By indulging in a high-end Russian pedicure at Ginger 9 Nails.

The right treatment : The most popular studio in the 16th attracts both celebrities and major fashion houses, notably handling all the nails for the Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2024 show. At Ginger 9 Nails, you can trust the skill and expertise of the practitioners blindly, resulting in custom pedicures based on your desires. The result ? Doll-like feet ready to be shown off to the world.

The extra touch ? The studio offers the option to book an accelerated manicure and pedicure with four hands (yes, really), for an incredible time-saving advantage that delights the busiest among us who do not compromise on perfect nails.

Ginger 9 Nails. 18 rue Duret Paris 16th. Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. Russian pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish application, €80.


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