How to have starlet feet

Soin Des Pieds

Because your little footsies march up and down the Parisian pavement all day long, treat them to the cocooning program they really deserve.Here are 5 easy steps to start the day on the right foot and trot along happily.

Chilling with your feet in water

Feet bath Herborist

Picture credit : © Herborist

The purpose of a foot-bath? To make your footsies feel more supple and soften hard skins.

How to go about it: fill a basin with lukewarm water. Add the equivalent of a Herborist cap and mix.

Dip for 15 minutes, while the product absorbs the dead skins. Then dry your feet well, including between the toes.

Système D? Instead of the treatment, pour two or three tablespoons of sea salt, preferably non-refined. Or, try adding a few drops of essential oil (peppery mint, geranium, chamomile …).

Herborist, Footbath, 18€.

getting rid of rough skin

Roll on Abracadapieds by SenèvPicture credit : © Clarisonic

The heavy artillery? The Pedi Foot Transformation System kit by Clarisonic includes an electric brush for the feet -based on the same system as their iconic cleansing brush for the face-- two interchangeable heads and the products that go with it.

In fact it’s important to use the smoothing disc twice a week on dry feet. Then use the exfoliation brushing head with the regenerating scrub. Keep up the good work on a daily basis, under the shower, using the brushing head on the rebel zones (heels, soles, toes).

Pedi Foot Transformation System, Clarisonic, 199€.

Exclusively at Sephora and on www.clarisonic.fr.

For a softer method, try old-fashioned house scrub: freshly squeezed lemon juice + powdered sugar, to massage on the feet.

Detoxify and relax

Cream Minus 417 Picture credit : © Sénev

Morning and evening, take five minutes to nourish and massage your feet with the Minus 417 cream, filled with Shea butter, sesame oil, aloe...

How? Start at the top of the foot, along the grooves, then between toes. Continue with the sole and the ankle, moving upwards towards the leg. These gestures are the key to boost circulation.

Minus 417, treatment cream for the feet, 14€. Sold in institutes, spa, pharmacies and on their internet site



In case of small odors due to perspiration, try Yves Rocher deodorant cream. It’s the best remedy for stay fresh feet, even in your trainers.

Yves Rocher, deodorant cream 12h, 9,80€.

pamper, moisturize and perfume

Deodorizing cream for feet by Yves Rocher Picture credit : © Yves Rocher

To soften and smooth down, say Abracadapieds!

The name of this smoothing magic wand: Senèv.

The small Frenchy brand, specialized in hand and foot beauty, has thought of gals in a hurry by creating this roll-on, that you apply easily and that dries almost instantly.

A super practical toy to make the cornea less thick through the action of the urea. To be used every day.

Abracadapieds, Senèv, 11,90€. Sold in perfume shops, beauty institutes and on Sénev-cosmétiques.fr.

how to prevent blisters

Anti-blisters stick by Sénev

Picture credit : © Sénev

With temperatures on the rise and your new sandal straps a little too tight, blister potential is high.

Prevention is better than cure with the anti-rubbing stick by Sénev, to be applied on the contact areas before slipping on your shoes. If need be, use it again during the day.

Sénev, No more rubbing with this anti-blister stick, 9,90€. Sold in perfume shops, beauty institutes and on Sénev-cosmétiques.fr.

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