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Password ? Namaste ! We tested Uman Project, a sublime wellness and holistic awakening studio near République. Founded by Marine Giovannini, this promising address cultivates serenity and kindness, like a temple where one takes care of oneself through sports sessions, workshops, and treatments. We tell you everything !


The Project

Uman Project is the brainchild of Marine Giovannini, a Sciences Po alumna and former communicator who realized after Covid that her life didn't resemble her anymore. She decided to leave everything behind to travel and visualize what the future holds for her. After spending 6 weeks with a shaman in Peru, a trip to Nepal to train in Tibetan bowls, and other adventures, Marine returned to France and occasionally devoted herself to teaching the practices she had learned. Eventually, she found her studio and settled full-time at 19 rue Béranger where Uman Project came to life.


The Studio

Passing through the door, you discover a minimalist studio, with terracotta and peach tones (the Pantone colors of the year 2024), punctuated by a stone wall, ceiling beams, chevron parquet flooring, and even a magnificent kitchen with patinated copper. A door at the back of the studio leads to an intimate treatment and massage room, with warm and subdued atmospheres. The energies are positive and soothing; you already know the moment will be unique.


Bookable Classes

At Uman Project, workshops, treatments, and sports classes complement each other to offer an all-in-one place dedicated to physical and mental well-being. Pilates Sculpt, Hatha yoga (gentle traditional yoga), Viniyasa yoga (dynamic and sporty yoga), the highly successful Sound Bath, and workshops led by Marine or other activities such as ecstatic dance, vibratory choir, and full moon ceremonies are practiced here.

Marine's studio also offers powerful one-to-one treatments such as Reiki, naturopathy, hypnosis, Renata França and Nuwe massages (a technique that combines digitopressure, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, and energy cleansing), and even life coaching.

But what we loved above all was the Sound Bath, a meditation practice that is one of Marine's specialties. The session begins, we lie down on the mat and cover ourselves with a cotton gauze blanket to avoid getting cold (the body temperature drops when we meditate). To the rhythm of sound waves generated by Tibetan bowls, Marine invites us to work on our chakras and let our nervous systems let go. Our bodies fall into a state of deep meditation, with some falling asleep. The result ? A suspended moment, something every human needs. Note : you can also book your private sound bath (€80).

From Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm. €25 for a sports session or sound bath, €90 for a Reiki session, between €120 and €150 for massages, and between €25 and €40 for workshops.


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