Hollywood Peel™: The Men's Favorite Glow Treatment

Men are all about Hollywood Peel™, a treatment protocol operated by the medical laser expert Lutronic, promising near-instant flawless skin (without needing to hide away for days!) for all skin types. Tested and approved by our editorial team, we're spilling all the details on this treatment that has been captivating Hollywood's elite for 5 years and is now charming the male crowd.


What Exactly is Hollywood Peel™?

It regulates sebum for oily skin, purifies dry skin without causing damage, evens out skin tone, tightens enlarged pores, all while being a gentle and painless procedure. Could Hollywood Peel™ be the ultimate perfection?

Though primarily coveted by Hollywood's biggest female celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie, men are also big fans. Its success is attributed to both its effectiveness and its immediate results (the glass skin effect), promising to avoid the dreaded "social eviction", that dubious term referring to the inability to show oneself in public due to a temporarily altered appearance. Ideal to book before a wedding or important event, Hollywood Peel™ is also painless and delivers lasting results by stimulating collagen production for 4 to 6 weeks.


How Does it Work?

Given its Class 4 medical equipment, the process starts with a prior consultation to assess with a doctor. On the day, your face is thoroughly cleaned, and then the serious stuff begins! A lotion, containing carbon particles and soothing oils, is applied to your face. Next, your skin undergoes the first pass of the Hollywood Spectra™ laser, which raises the temperature, inducing a thermal effect in the deep dermis, promoting skin regeneration and destroying acne-related bacteria.

For the second pass, carbon particles are sprayed to facilitate superficial exfoliation and bid farewell to impurities and dead cells. And for the third and final pass, it's all about the long term! Thermal stimulation activates natural collagen production, which will continue to improve our skin's health for several weeks post-session.


The Verdict

Baby-smooth skin with no hassle whatsoever and an incredibly profitable time-result ratio, as the treatment lasts only 20 minutes. Plan for 3 sessions for maximum effectiveness. Especially noteworthy: Hollywood Peel™ is THE treatment to book before your wedding, birthday, or even at the end of winter to get rid of dull skin.

Traitement Hollywood Peel. Lazeo Center. 45 Avenue Victor Hugo Paris 16th. More addresses here. 20 minutes, €170.

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