3 cutting-edge addresses to treat your eyebrows

The best eyebrow care in Paris

Elevated, dense eyebrows with a flawless arch are the true secret to brighten the face, open up the eyes, and diminish wrinkles – just ask it-girls like Lily Collins and Matilda Djerf. Wondering where to get the best, long-lasting results ? We've got the answer with our top three favorite addresses in Paris.


Restructuring at Les Jardins de Nana

Les jardins de nana beauty institut in Paris

Where ? Experience the ultra-comfortable beauty havens created by eyebrow expert Johanna Alimi, founder of Les Jardins de Nana.

Must-try treatment : Thread eyebrow shaping, an ancient Indian technique that gently defines eyebrows for a natural look. It's the specialty at Les Jardins de Nana, where you can trust your brows with closed eyes.

How it works : Settle into a comfortable chair, share your preferences – do you want thinner brows or a refined shape ? After a brief consultation, the practitioner skillfully uses thread to transform your look in minutes. The treatment concludes with a gentle facial massage using oil for a soothing experience.

Thread Restructuring : €20 / 20 minutes.

Les Jardins de Nana. 3 Rue Française Paris 1st, 72 Rue Pierre Demours, Paris 17th, 7 Rue de la Tour, Paris 16.


Brow lift at Les Cils de Marie

les cils de Marie beauty institut

Where ? Introducing the most cutting-edge salon in Paris run by Julie, offering eyelash extensions and refined eye treatments across its four locations, favored by VIPs.

Must-try treatment : The Brow Lift, a protocol to tint, smooth, discipline, and densify sparse or damaged brows, inspired by Cara Delevingne's iconic look.

How it works : The 45-minute protocol consists of three steps. 1) Choose a custom tint and lift suitable for your face. 2) The expert applies a keratin-based lifting product, neutralizing the hair's pH for better fixation of the new brow shape before tinting. 3) The shine repair lotion serves as a nourishing treatment to set the hair smoothing and make the results last for about a month.

Brow Lift Treatment : €130 / 45 minutes.

Les Cils de Marie. 110 rue La Boétie, Paris 8th, 30 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, Paris 3rd, 2 rue du Colonel Moll, Paris 17th, 3 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, Neuilly Sur Seine. Book appointments at 06 58 07 77 79.


Hybrid tint at Lucille Brunette

Lucille Brunette beauty institut

Where ? After enhancing top models in major photoshoots, Lucille Brunette opened a charming salon on Rue Montorgueil, attracting Parisian elites for makeup lessons, treatments, and express brow services.

Must-try treatment : Hybrid tinting, a new service introduced by Lucille and inspired by Brow Daddy, the brow god from Los Angeles.

How it works : With or without prior shaping, the practitioner stencils your dream brow shape and applies your chosen tint from blond to brown. The advantage of this technique lies in the diverse color options, not achievable with traditional henna. Remove the tint, and you're done – it stays put for at least 6 weeks.

Hybrid tint : €55 / 30 minutes (with shaping €85 / 45 minutes).

Lucille Brunette. 32 rue Montorgueil, Paris 1st. 06 44 06 06 76. Open Friday to Wednesday from 10 am to 7 pm, and Thursday from 11:30 am to 8 pm.


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