A self-tanning shower right from your living room

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Stop everything : we've found the person you can trust for a successful self-tanning session... at home ! For all the spray tan enthusiasts, or those wanting to try it for the first time, tanning magician Annie Rouet from Sunless Bronze will color your skin as if you've just returned from 15 days in the Maldives... in less than 20 minutes and right in your living room. The Do It team tested her service for you, and here's what we thought.


The healthy alternative to UV booths and sun 

Annie is a goddess of spray tanning, the English term for self-tanning spray. For beginners, this practice involves being sprayed with self-tanner by a trained professional, because yes, it may seem simple, but there's a whole ritual and expertise required to achieve the perfect tan. Her vision ? To offer a safe alternative to UV rays and sun exposure, boosting her clients' confidence without compromising skin health. She uses a vegan and plant-based DHA (the product sprayed), free from silicones, parabens, palm oils, mineral oils, and sulfates. Result : pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with eczema, or those allergic to the sun can enjoy dream skin all year long.

Typically booked for weddings or bachelorette parties, she also works with regular clients who want a tanning boost every two to three weeks. Professionals also trust her for photo shoots or red carpets, notably during the last Cannes Film Festival to beautify our favorite directors and actors before they hit the red carpet. In short, trusting Annie means getting a flawless vacation-like tan for at least 10 days, without worrying about the outcome of your session. Bingo.


The process

Anne herself says it's a team effort : 50% is on her and 50% is on us. There are about ten rules to follow in the protocol for a totally successful session. Please take note :

The day before : Exfoliate your face and body, avoiding oil-based scrubs as they can hinder product adhesion. Make sure not to apply moisturizer, oil, deodorant, or makeup after your shower.

On the day : Arrive at your appointment in loose-fitting clothes (so they don’t stick to your skin after the session), preferably black (to avoid staining, though any possible tint will come out in the wash). Do not apply moisturizer, oil, deodorant, or makeup.

During the session : You choose how you want to take your self-tanning shower, topless or not, with or without lingerie. Then choose the desired tanning intensity before getting down to business! You step into the tent, and Annie starts spraying the product. You'll follow a little choreography of movements and positions to ensure no part of your skin is missed. The vibe? Bella Hadid at the Coperni show getting sprayed with a dress made of paint (reference here).

Setting time : During the setting time, which can vary from 3 to 8 hours, avoid any contact with water! This means no hand washing (even with hand sanitizer), staying protected from the rain, and being careful with pets if they lick you.

After the setting time : Take a soap-free shower. The excess product will wash off: don't panic if the water is brown, it's normal! Pat yourself dry with a towel and do not apply moisturizer immediately. Wait until the next day to resume showers with soap and normal skincare, always avoiding oil-based products to preserve your spray tan for as long as possible.

To book a home session, contact Annie at 06 01 68 78 42, mentioning your name, surname, and address. Price: €60.

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