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Tonic calves, fit and streamlined thighs, zero defect skin: we came up with a list of the most efficient tools and specific gestures to adopt for dream legs. Now it’s up to you. Many thanks to Doctor Jean-Charles Benzimra, phlebologist in Paris.

A cellulitis killer

Cream bottle Etat Pur

Picture credit : © Etat Pur

The best enemy of skin dimpling? Caffeine! It directly attacks fat, destocks fatty cells and reduces orange skin. The good news is that Etat Pur has concentrated a maximum of this super powerful agent in its A90 Caféine cream.

Result: a reduced thigh size and smooth skin, but this requires taking a little bit of time to massage well and do this during a long time.

Translation, plan on 5 minutes every morning (and if possible the evening), to massage legs from the ankle all the way up to the waist.

The little fairy of this magic gesture? Odile Vilain, a trained physiotherapist and masseuse for the stars. In 45-minute sessions per week, she delocalizes cellulitis and makes the leg silhouette seem sleeker.

A90 Caféine, Etat Pur, 24€.

Toning foam for busy bees

-417 cream for legs

Picture credit :© - 417

If you are always on the run, this fabulous foam made with mud from the Dead Sea, enriched in essential oils, will allow you to save your precious time. Both a scrub AND a toner, it is to be applied three times a week on clean dry skin.

We like: a really clever two-in-one that targets cellulite and gives you soft skin. A very good leg up for a sexy look. For maximum efficiency, think of always massaging, always from bottom to top, before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Exfoliating and toning foam, -417, 59€.

An anti-bloat gel

Fleurance nature gel for legs

Picture credit : © Fleurance Nature

Tensions, paints, bloating, to avoid lugging two huge lumps at the end of the day, apply this super mentholated massage gel morning and night. Careful, there is an instant frosty sensation—it stings the eyes! The good gestures? To stimulate blood circulation, start with the ankle, pinch the Achilles tendon from bottom to top. Hands flat, slip along the legs from bottom to top, with rotation movements, insisting on congested zones (inside the knees, thighs, saddlebags).

If you are taking the plane, don’t bypass support stockings. Not very glam’, but upon arrival, you will feel the difference.

Light legs freshness gel, Fleurance nature, 14,70€.

Reducing stretch marks

moisturizing cream Phytomer for legs

Picture credit :© Phytomer

Let’s be honest, once they appear, stretch marks are irreversible. But –and there is a but – there do exist solutions to lessen them, phew!

The Seatonic cream by Phytomer enables to restructure skin damages at the origin of these marks, whether they are due to pregnancy, weight loss or treacherous hormones. How does it work? The products fills in the red and erases the stretch marks anchored in the skin.

Tops, it can be used preventively.

Stretch mark reducing cream, Seatonic, Phytomer, 47,26€.

biking in the water at aqua by

Aqua By swimming pool

Picture credit :© Facebook Aqua By

If you are aiming for a look alike of Karlie Kloss legs this summer, you better like water. Swimming, aqua gym, fins, aquabiking… Moving in water tones vein circulation. Ideal? Alternate high intensity sessions and recoup time —pros call it fractioning. There is nothing better to slim down, tone and shape legs.

Our fave? Pedalling full blast during 45 minutes at Aqua By in the largest above ground pool in Paris. Fun and games guaranteed. This very playful aquabiking centre has thought of everything to motivate you: clubbing music, coached choreographies. The plus? Towel, fruit basket and sauna. The first session is half price, so why not give it a try…

Aqua By, starting at 16,50€ per session.

Express tan with Clarins

Self tanning milky lotion Clarins

Picture credit : © Clarins

Without warning and no transition, you go from opaque stockings to bare legs … and they are all pale. The fatal weapon to give leg a nicer allure? The self-tan lotion. Wait, don’t run off, we promise you will not end up carrot colour.

Clarins has come up with a new terrific formula. A milk with a super natural finish, that does not stain, nor dry skin and with a nice fig scent. Reassured? After a good scrub on a well moisturized skin, it spreads with light strokes. Wait 5 minutes before slipping on your dress and it’s just as though you had just returned from a weekend at Cap Ferret on the sly.

Self-tanning milky lotion, face and body, Clarins, 27,90€.

No more varicose veins

Young woman bikini legs

Picture credit : © Christopher Campbell, Unsplash

Contrary to common belief, varicose veins don’t just affect grannies. If you hit yourself against the bed or a desk and the bruises leave traces­—no panic. Make an appointment with Doctor Jean-Charles Benzimra, our highly qualified vein specialist.

After examination, this doctor, specialized in the vein system, will be able to suggest a specific treatment in terms of your damaged veins. Good news, the latest technological innovations allow to really target the specific area. A quick laser brush might even eradicate small varicosities nestled right under the skin.

And make sure to take care of your feet. It may seem to have no relation at the outset, except that flat or hollow feet favour the arrival of varicose veins. The solution? Orthopaedic soles, that massage the arch of the foot and enhance blood circulation.

Many thanks to Doctor Jean-Charles Benzimra, vein specialist, for his precious advice.

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