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A made in Janson-de-Sailly high school love story that takes place amidst the golden youth of the 16th arrondissement. Jean is 18 years old, Anna is 17. Everything begins like a scene from The Notebook or LOL.

Celui d’après: the first novel signed Jessica Cymerman (the famous blogger and bad mom of Serial Mother), is as addictive as a Bridget Jones and very easy to read. It’s funny, moving and light. A golden alibi to stay in bed all weekend long.

A few years later, the wild love story becomes a nightmare. They are handsome, young, they intend to get married… Until Jean’s accident. Anna’s world falls apart. After drowning her sorrows, lots of bad whisky and an urge to seek solace through flashbacks, the pretty Parisienne decides to find the cut and paste of her deceased paramour. As to twiddle her nose at life. “Since Jean abandoned me, I had to find his double”.

It’s the beginning of a love apprenticeship that is both funny and dramatic. Anna accumulates lists worthy of survival kits, featuring things to do in order to find “the next one”: flirting during an exhibition, signing up on Meetic, placing an ad in Libé and asking for services… an Escort Boy. This is when Anna meets Fred.

“Celui d’après”, a novel by Jessica Cymerman at Editions Charleston. 17,00 euros.

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