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At Christmas , it's our favorite time to sit at the table: cheese time . Take the time to choose your little favorite. To refill. To choose the bread. Taste. And to congratulate oneself, decidedly, on being French and having such extraordinary farms and producers. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

However, a puzzle persists… When you're at the market or at your dairy: how do you choose from the multitude of varieties? How many pieces do you need to count? What are the rules for getting a set as sexy as in a palace?

Cool: Claire, who runs Fromagerie Griffon , an exceptional address in the 7th district, gave us her tips and secrets. Here we go , #Fromagissons !

How to make the ideal cheese board?

1. “ I have a very simple tip: in general we divide the number of people by 2 . You are 10, you need 5 pieces. Go with an odd number of cheeses, a rule to always respect. First, because it's more visual. Then this allows you to add a small room, possibly…

2. “ Vary the milks : goats, cows and sheep. This is what makes an interesting, rich and indispensable platter, which allows a real mix of textures and flavors. Once on the plate: we start with the sweetest to go crescendo in the flavors, we go back ”. For example ? We mix Causses blue, camembert and cantal.

3. Play the seasons card.There is a real seasonality in cheese. At the moment, we respect winter with the accompaniments. We serve pear quarters, dried fruit, even candied fruit…

4. Bet on creative pairings , “ by serving, for example, dried banana with a goat cheese, gingerbread with Roquefort or even prunes and dates with a cantal or even apple jelly with a Camembert ”.

5. “ You give free rein to your imagination to serve your platter, but remaining very cheesy , and using ingredients that will cover everything. For the bread: bet on a fresh baguette or bread with seeds . ”

Play and win an extraordinary cheese board

Do you dream of a crazy party tray? The French dairy industry ( Cniel ) and Do It In Paris have teamed up to win you an incredible platter concocted by Claire Griffon at Fromagerie Griffon.

On the program: 28-month-old Comté, Mont d'Or, Bleu d'Auvergne, accompanied by two creations from Fromagerie Griffon: a Saint Félicien with fresh truffle and a Camembert Pommes Calvados.

Visit our Instagram account to participate and try to win your extraordinary cheese board!

Mon Fromage et Moi, a campaign funded with the support of the European Union

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