3 magic tips to take care of your hands

Hydratation Mains

How do you keep a diva's soft hands when you're hunting germs and washing and sanitizing all day? Professional advice and a homemade recipe to moisturize our completely parched hands and avoid broken nails and chapped nails.

Adopt a good hydration routine

Hydratation mains avec de l’huile de germe de blé ou de noyau d’abricot et du beurre de Karité

We follow the advice of Annie, keratinologist at the Joëlle Ciocco treatment center, who provides good tips on the Skin Weather site.

You have to hydrate your hands to death with, during the day, dry oil such as wheat germ or apricot kernel oil , which does not grease and gives the skin a velvety appearance. In the evening, add a very rich cream or simply a good layer of shea butter . It is magic."

Organize a homemade nail bar

Nail bar homemade avec de l'huile de bourrache, du bicarbonate de soude, citron frais, de l'huile d'amande douce et du miel

  • To strengthen them: nothing is more effective than brushing your nails with borage oil , rich in omega 6 and with restorative properties.
  • To make them whiter, mix lukewarm water and a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup. French natural manicure guaranteed!
  • To make them shine, they are soaked in lemon water .
  • To make your manicure last longer, run cold water over it just after applying your varnish to better fix the lacquer . Another thing to do: put on a layer of top coat after 2 days. Long live the semi-permanent house!

Follow a homemade recipe for princess hands

Mix 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil , 2 teaspoons of unheated honey with one third of the juice of a fresh lemon . Massage the back and the inside of the hands as well as the periphery of the nail with this mixture. Wipe off excess oil with a soft tissue.

A super simple and effective recipe taken from the wonderful and essential Atlas of Natural Beauty by Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami from the Officine Universelle Buly in Paris, € 28.

Recettes botanique pour conserver sa beauté

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