How about strolling around the Latin Quarter?

The best addresses in the Quartier Latin in Paris

It seems frozen in time. And for good reason, the Latin Quarter is one of the oldest in Paris, a stronghold of students (since the Middle Ages!) stretching from Saint-Michel to Mouffetard and to the Jardin des Plantes. In addition to its legendary universities and the Seine quays among the most romantic in Paris, you'll find cool addresses at the crossroads of food and culture. Follow the guide!



Osteria Brutto italian restaurant

Inspired by iconic New York addresses like those in movies with Robert de Niro and Al Pacino, this Italian restaurant breaks the codes of the classic trattoria with its real gangster dishes: crispy Caesar salad, spicy rigatoni alla vodka, veal milanese alla parmigiana with tomato sauce and melted scamorza... Purists also find satisfaction with truffle arancini and parmesan cream, traditional spaghetti pomodoro & polpette or alle vongole, just like the beef carpaccio, truffle cream, and parmesan. Ultimate heist: an affogato with fior di latte or hazelnut scoop.

Osteria Brutto, 15 rue Gracieuse, Paris 5th. Spicy rigatoni alla vodka €14.



Otto japanese restaurant

Inspired by Japanese izakayas, this new HQ imagined by starred chef and MOF Eric Trochon (Solstice) adds a touch of exoticism and sexiness to the Mouffetard neighborhood... Which we immediately start to enjoy! In a boldly minimalist atmosphere signed by the architect of the legendary Sketch in London, we share mischievous plates where fish, meat, and crispy vegetables melt, play with territories, hot and cold, a sauce, an herb... Note: the wine selection hits the mark too.

Otto, 5 rue Mouffetard, Paris 5th. Yakitori chicken €13.



Baieta Restaurant

Baieta means 'kiss' in Niçois dialect. And it's indeed a love declaration that Julia Sedefdjian offers to Parisians by reconciling haute cuisine with Niçoise home cooking. The one who was in 2016 the youngest starred chef in France (at only 20 years old!) has made Bouillabaieta, an irresistible haute couture bouillabaisse, her signature dish. A must-try once in a lifetime, just like her aioli, pissaladière, and socca as appetizers. You can almost hear the cicadas!

Baieta, 5 rue de Pontoise, Paris 5th. 4-course signature menu €100.



 Ya Bayté and Hébé  Restaurant

It's pretty, fresh, colorful, in short, it smells like sunshine. Welcome first to Hébé, the Mediterranean address of the master Imad Kanaan. In duo with his wife, this Lebanese native has enlisted the talents of the starred chef from Marseille, Michel Portos, to imagine a simply delightful menu including an anthology of roasted red mullet and a confit lamb shoulder accompanied by its chickpea salad. Surprise: the success is such (quality obliges) that the couple has opened Ya Bayté, their insane street food counterpart, which, in addition to the inevitable falafels and shawarmas, offers delicious stuffed pastries typical of Beit Chabab, Imad's hometown.

Hébé: 15 rue Frédéric Sauton, Paris 5th. Menu €59.

Ya Bayté: 1 rue des Grands Degrés, Paris 5th. Two Fatayir tomato turnovers €6.50.



Hugo & Co pastries

After the huge success of Tomy & Co, his signature bistro in Gros Caillou, Tomy Gousset is back in a somewhat neglected corner of the 5th. The result? A meeting as relaxed as it is stylish around a resolutely creative and mixed cuisine, designed to be shared: lamb confit bao, crispy shrimp on toast, miso salmon, and for dessert, a chocolate ganache and corn ice cream to die for. The #LOL detail: the wall of wooden crates that gives a vibe halfway between the chic Parisian bistro and the New York bar.

Hugo & Co, 48 rue Monge, Paris 5th. 3-course menu €46.



La Rôtisserie d’Argent restaurant

Have you always dreamed of trying the legendary duck from the Tour d'Argent? You'll love the rotisserie, the little brother of the starred table where exceptional products from the restaurant that inspired Ratatouille are served in an accessible version. The highlight? Its terrace, which seems to float above the Seine, with its checkered tablecloths and its retro spirit still as picturesque. The menu proudly proclaims its mischievousness with duck foie gras in red Porto and pear chutney, Burgundy snails in pastis parsley butter, or a duck leg with laurel. Yum!

La Rôtisserie d'Argent, 19 quai de la Tournelle, Paris 5th. Half a farm chicken €28.



Maa Restaurant

A stunning decor shop, exhibitions, and a 100% chill café: the art of relaxation typically Nordic-style rendezvous at L’Institut Finlandais! Its warm and cozy canteen (large wooden tables, floral bouquets, and works by local artists to decorate the walls) offers salmon or herring marinated on rye bread, divine salads, cinnamon buns, or even a Scandinavian spruce chai latte that you'll rave about!

Maa, 60 rue des Écoles, Paris 5th. Salad €16.



Odette Restaurant

Delivered in a lovely rectangular box ideal for taking dessert away, Odette's choux (in homage to the founder Frédéric Berthy's grandmother) literally melt in the mouth. The cream filling has a naturally powerful taste of coffee, caramel, chocolate, lemon, forest fruits, passion fruit, pistachio, praline, vanilla... As for the choux pastry, mmmh, it resists a bit under the tooth: an incomparable delight.

Odette, 77 rue Galande, Paris 5th. Box of 6 choux starting from €11.50.



Tram restaurant

You've probably spotted this adorable café/bookstore in Season 2 of Emily In Paris (whose main character lives precisely in the Latin Quarter, Place de l'Estrapade). Absolutely perfect, this address, both picturesque and sharp, pleases everyone! Just behind the Panthéon, Paul Hyatt and Marion Trama have created an inspiring and poetic place in an exquisite decor where you can either work remotely in the morning or read during lunchtime while enjoying a creamy matcha latte, almond milk with orange blossom, and an extra croque-monsieur. You'll also discover beautiful books on Paris, food, art, and travel, plus a grocery corner to bring home a bottle of natural wine and a Plaq chocolate bar for dinner.

Tram, 47 rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, Paris 5th. Croque-monsieur €17.



quartier latin disc shop

For those who have invested in a turntable ('It's so retro, and the sound is better, don't you think?') but aren't sure what to play on it, head first to Crocodisc (42 rue des Écoles, Paris 5th) which gathers the coolest and most cutting-edge vinyl records of all music styles... except classical! For that, music lovers prefer La Dame Blanche (47 rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, Paris 5th), also specialized in jazz. Paris is about to swing!



the Grande Mosquée de Paris, the musée de Cluny and the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris

The Great Mosque of Paris: some come to visit this jewel of Hispano-Moorish architectural art inaugurated in 1926, as its minaret and its gardens with gentle jasmine scents are a must-see that leaves you speechless. Others prefer to sit directly in the tea room in the shade of the trees, to share some gazelle horns and makrouds. But our secret move is to treat ourselves once a year to the winning combo: hammam + scrub + massage + couscous, drink, pastries, and mint tea. 39 rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, Paris 5th. Massage & Flavors Offer €90.

The Cluny Museum: often misunderstood by Parisians, what is commonly called the Museum of the Middle Ages is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Paris with its Gallo-Roman baths dating back 2,000 years and its 15th-century mansion. Among the treasures to (re)discover: jewelry including Byzantine-style crowns worthy of a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, queens' jewels, and even secret rooms with vaulted ceilings where ladies gathered to spread court gossip... 28 rue Sommerard, Paris 5th. Full price €12.

The Arab World Institute: it is the most diplomatic cultural center in Paris, whose glass walls were (inevitably) designed by Jean Nouvel. Exhibitions, language courses, library, workshops, cinema: the programming, extremely varied, is always fascinating. Psst: on the 9th floor, Dar Mima has settled, a festive restaurant with a decor worthy of a 1001 Nights palace in couscous mode (too good) and live musicians, whose art direction was designed hand in hand with... Jamel Debbouze! 1 rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, Paris 5th.



The groceries stores in quartier Latin

Despite its intellectual airs, the Latin Quarter is experienced daily as a village, with its share of independent small shopkeepers.

For cheeses from around the world: COW, 30 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 5th For luxury sweets: Le Bonbon au Palais, 19 rue Monge, Paris 5th For the best country bread in the area: Boulangerie Archibald, 28 rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, Paris 5th For yummy pastries: Carl Marletti, 51 rue Censier, Paris 5th For natural wines that pack a punch: Les Flacons, 34 rue des Écoles, Paris 5th

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