L'Ours, the second stars restaurant of Jacky Ribault

L Ours Restaurant

The chef: After Qui plume la lune in the 11th (starred since 2014), Jacky Ribault has just received the precious star for his new restaurant, open less than a year ago in Vincennes. This native of Brittany, who worked in Gstaad and Tokyo, created from scratch an amazing place that has the allure of an enchanted forest. A completely wild project for an absolutely unique experience.

To be tested: no real menu in the classic sense, Jacky Ribault excels in the art of free-style. The red thread? A cuisine with incredible delicacy enhanced with Japanese influences. Example: the dashi broth, foie gras, cabbage with a sesame brioche feuilletée or the raviole of fish. The hot tip? A €45 lunch formula.

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©Julie Limont

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