The intimate Journal of an Empress

Journal Imperatrice

Joséphine de Beauharnais is a little like our very own Sissi, so when Philippe Séguy opens up her intimate diary, we rush to read it!

Known for her huge expenditures and her outlandish sense of fashion, this is the portrait of a modern and free woman. A close look at the life filled with intrigues and secrets of a real ultra mundane fatale who seduces the greatest military genius of all times, Napoleon I.

The pitch? After the Revolution Joséphine is locked up in jail, she comes very close to death and looses all her belongings. Her intimate journal is testimony to how she fought to regain her rank for herself and her children.

Charming, bewitching, libertine…she backs down in front of nothing to reconquer her place as number 1 Parisienne socialite.

We adore: this historical version of the « Bold and the Beautiful » with a background of political and romantic conquests. Joséphine, the libertine avant-garde socialite has become the First Lady of Europe and shares very openly the passionate, naughty and exciting details of her life at the side of Napoleon.

Breathtaking reading to be picked up as soon as possible!

Published on 30 April at Editions Flammarion (22€)

Le journal de Joséphine B. impératrice, by Philippe Séguy

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