The perfect gym for a dream body: Beach Body Challenge

young women doing dance barre body challenge

« Beach Body Challenge »: the title of this master-class says it all and in addition, it will do wonders for your mood boosting. For sure, your extra flab will melt away and your fanny will be toned to be a bomba at the playa.

The winning solution? A method put together by Géraldine Werner (star teacher, trained at Studio Cunningham) for Elephant Paname, the dance and gym center of trendy Parisiennes with a very successful therapy.

The concept? An intense 2h session that twists cardio-training (to loose that annoying tummy), muscular reinforcement, sheathing (the real thing to be « fit ») with accessories that make the session playful and less painful… And that includes a dance bar, the new weapon for twigs, ideal to sculpt lengthwise arms, thighs and butts.

Upcoming dates? Sunday 10 April at 2pm (40€ per sessions). Then on Sundays the 15th and  29th of May.

Also check out the method for a bikini body and a yoga session on a parisian rooftop.

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By Elodie Rouge @elorouge

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Where to find it?

Elephant Paname

10, rue Volney

75002 Paris

01 49 27 83 33

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