10 all-round beauty milks

Laits Multi Usages Beaute

Packed with vitamins and natural ingredients for some, half-water, half-milk for others, ultra soft and light, fresh and antioxidants, the new beauty milks encompass us with their innovative formulas to protect, wash and nourish head to toe.

To tan without sun

Fluide lacté autobronzant

Oenobiol's self-tanning milky fluid for the face and body, with natural DHA and boosted with nourishing active ingredients such as grape seed oil, rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant . Result, a natural tan and a well nourished and very soft skin.

Self-tanning milk fluid, Oenobiol, € 19.90

To exfoliate

Lait de gommage

The Biotherm scrub , ultra creamy and with a sweet citrus scent, turns into milk on contact with the skin to better exfoliate and leave the skin infinitely soft.

Exfoliation milk 200ml, Biotherm , € 31

For a detoxifying bath

Herbal Whey Bath Nourishing

A powder, formulated with detoxifying whey and soothing plants, such as lime blossom and chamomile, which transforms water into milk for a relaxing and hydrating bath.

Herbal Whey Bath Nourishing, Susanne Kaufmann , € 40

To eliminate blackheads

Eau lactée micellaire démaquillante Re-move

The milky water micellar, with 88% of natural ingredients, enriched micelles and very moisturizing fig extract, is the must of the new generation care Clarins to rid the smooth skin of all pollutants and impurities accumulated during the day, and suddenly fight against pimples and blackheads.

Re-move Micellar Cleansing Milky Water 200ml, My Clarins, € 19.50 - Available in January

To gently remove makeup

Lait démaquillant visage et yeux

Enriched with lotus flower extract and B5 vitamins, Monoprix beauty milk , designed for hyper sensitive skin , gently removes make-up, even waterproof make-up .

Face and eye makeup remover 100ml, Monoprix , € 2.07

To hydrate and smell good

Eau de Lait

Collosol Milk Water , cult product, half micellar water , half cleansing milk , created in the 1950s and handed down from generation to generation, has a new look with a revisited packaging. With its ultra-gentle formula , it cleanses and removes makeup, but you can also pour it into your bath to hydrate your skin and enjoy its light scent of orange blossom .

Milk Water 250ml, Collosol , € 12.50

For shiny hair

Lait lavant antioxydant aux 4 huiles et myrtille

Christophe Robin's ultra-gentle washing milk , highly concentrated in vegetable oils, rich in vitamins A and E and omega 3 and 6, nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber and gently maintains highlighted or colored hair .

Antioxidant cleansing milk with 4 oils and blueberry 250ml, Christophe Robin , € 28

To soothe redness


Rich in Avène thermal spring water, Avène Anti-Redness Cleansing Milk cleanses and removes make-up from the most sensitive skin and immediately soothes feelings of tightness.

Anti-redness 400ml, Avène , € 15.99

To refresh

Lait frais pour le corps

Formulated with sweet almond and macadamia oil and orange blossom floral water, Dyptique's fresh body milk hydrates, refreshes, softens and softens the skin while leaving a delicate scent of flowers. orange tree .

Fresh body milk 200ml, Diptyque , € 45

To sheathe the body

soin corps raffermissant jeunesse

With a combination of hyaluronic acid , barley extracts , rich in polyphenols , shea butter and seaweed, the firming body treatment from Patyka immediately firms, lifts and tones the parts of the body prone to sagging: bust, belly, thighs, arms. Result, a sheathed and sculpted dream body .

Youth firming body treatment 90ml, Patyka , € 47

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