Virginie Grimaldi : the Katherine Pancol for bobos

Virginie Grimaldi

Modest and smiling, Virginie Grimaldi has been cradling our summers and our evenings with her soft and comforting best sellers, since three years now with the publication of The First Day of the Rest of My Life. In the style of novel writer Katherine Pancol and her family sagas, Virginie Grimaldi depicts the world with lightness and reality, notably in her last book Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles. You don’t know this author who has already conquered a million readers? Rejoice, your summer is going to be literary!

Novels that look like us

A 40-year-old mother, Virginie Grimaldi, who lives in the area of Bordeaux, is as pleasant and natural as the characters who are born from her penmanship. In her latest novel Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles (Fayard), Virginie Grimaldi, like Katherine Pancol in her top best sellers, brings to life characters who are just as imperfect, anguished and human as us. Phew…A far cry from perfect mothers who manage their lives such as Bree Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives, Anna, divorced, totally under the gun at work and with money issues, feels guilty about not taking enough care of her two young daughters, Lily and Chloé. So it’s to renew with these important links of her life that she decides to take her kids on a camping-car adventure towards Scandinavia. With a charming reminder of Little Miss Sunshine, one is delighted to follow these three generations of women, as funny and they are off-the-wall. It’s hard not to feel endearment for these characters that make us smile broadly!

A 2.0 author

Very active on the social networks, the author and blogger with some 20 000 followers on Instagram and 28 000 on Facebook shares her moments in life… in her own way. Because the life of Virginie Grimaldi truly resembles a novel: to discuss her family holidays, her gift ideas, her literary heart-throbs or her daily worries, the author, just like in her books, writes up mini-scenarios presented as hilarious and moving letters. Recently, she also came out as supportive of the #PayYourAuthormovement, launched on the social networks a few months ago, to support paying authors when they intervene.

An author soon featured at the cinema

Like Katherine Pancol in The Yellow Eyes of Crocoliles, interpreted by Julie Depardieu, Emmanuelle Béart and Patrick Bruel, already two of Virginie Grimaldi’s novels are being adapted to the cinema : Tu comprendras quand tu seras grande and Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles. Because the novels of this author are highly bankable, the rights to her last novel were already sold before it hit the bookshops! While the casting has not yet been revealed, Virginie Grimaldi is already thinking of a certain Juliette Binoche to incarnate Anna, the mother of her last novel. In short, an author to be closely followed !

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Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles, Virginie Grimaldi, Fayard, €18.50

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