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Trancher Roman

Here is a subject everyone is talking about, that fascinate while being out of our reach: what is a narcissistic pervert really? And do you happen to know one around you? Answer in the mesmerizing novel by journalist Amélie Cordonnier, Trancher, that immerses us in the daily life of a woman victim of her husband’s psychological torture. Why this hair rising book?

In order not to pinpoint what being a narcissistic pervert really means

While they are not considered by psychiatry as being« sick », narcissistic perverts have in common the fact they deny any kind of problem as far as they are concerned. How does one describe their behaviour? Everything is said in this novel inspired from real facts. After seven perfectly normal years, Aurélien, the husband of the narrator, goes off the edge. On a holiday morning, in front of the children, he violently insults his wife: “shut up once and for all you bitch if you don’t want be to beat you up.” And then Aurélien asks for excuses, feels ashamed, but does it again and again. Ok, don’t be paranoid if you just had a fight with your man: narcissistic perverts only represent ne 2 to 3% of the population.

To remove victims from the claws of narcissistic perverts

Hard to spot (they pretend to be perfectly normal), narcissistic perverts truly have a devastating effect on their entourage. Seductive, pleasant and sometimes discrete like Aurélien, the husband of the narrator, their charming and flattering side is often appealing. In the book, the wife of the manipulator just cannot make up her mind: should she forgive Aurélien who cannot control his slew of daily insults or should she leave to protect herself and the children? Because the most common problem of an entourage persecuted by a manipulator is shame. Even when she falls into a violent depression, Aurélien’s wife does not dare to discuss the problem with her best friend, fearing to be judged and misunderstood.

In order to spot highly toxic personalities hidden under masks, psychotherapist Isabelle Nazare-Aga has listed their main characteristics. Amongst these: guilt, victimisation, lies, jealousy, demeaning the other...

For insightful reading

If you liked Shutter Island, Flight over a Cuckoo’s Nest or more recently Paranoïa with Claire Foy, you are aware that “craziness” is fascinating, scary, or in any case, keeps us on our toes. A winning wager for this book with a raw writing style, filled with strong images, that plunges us in the claws of a repugnant yet endearing monster. Get ready for a hypnotic read.


Trancher by Amélie Cordonnier, Flammarion, €17

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