Win a night at the Ritz Paris

Jeu Concours Ritz

It’s Xmas. And as always, the mission of Do It In Paris remains to pamper all its readers and enable them to live amazing moments.

Under the Xmas tree? We are offering you the most chic experience all the Parisiennes are dreaming about.

A clue ? Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour, Colette, Lady Di or Cocteau were already lining up to go there…

Drums rolls. Tadam! The Ritz Paris is enabling you to win a day and a night worthy of a modern day princess.

You feel like dreaming?

Cross the threshold of the most festive palace of the place Vendôme and set down your suitcases in a room on the Grand Garden of the hotel.

After dwelling in luxury luxe and taken a quick nap in the most amazing bed in Paris, now is the moment to slip on a bathrobe...

Head directly for the Ritz Club, the spa reserved for a few very privileged members, and take a dip in the superbe pool, relax and leaf through a magazine on the beds all around, stop by the sauna and finish under the tropical shower.

If you dream of sculpting a dream body for yourself, slip on your trainers and try to move faster than the chronometer of the high-tech sports equipment next to the happy few.

After the most beautiful night in your life, go downstairs and enjoy a royal breakfast in the Jardins de l’Espadon, the gastronomic dining room orchestrated by the amazing Nicolas Sale. Eggs as you wish”, French toast, crêpes, pancakes… A dream come true.

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