A foodista contest with €2.000 to spend in the best restaurants

Concours Le Fooding Doitinparis

If you feel like staying busy intelligently, being creative, taking your mind off the pandemic and… winning €2.000 and €1.000 worth of vouchers to spend in your favourite Fooding restaurants, open up your ears.

Le Fooding has imagined a game contest as cool as it is up-to-date in order to elect the best quarantined table in France rewarded by two prizes with the complicity of the Do It In Paris team! Will you be one of the winning foodies?

Creating the restaurant of your dreams at home

You enjoy emulating Cyril Lignac in the kitchen, pampering the presentation of your tables, posting on instagram each new address tested? You are going to be able to really have fun “playing restaurant”.

To participate in the contest, you will of course have to detail your recipes and the sourcing of your products. But not just that.

You will also need to give a stylish name to each dish and share the choice of the wines or cocktails you are serving, without forgetting to define your cuisine in a few words.

It goes even further! You must photograph the table decoration as well as describe your table setting-design and the atmosphere you want to showcase and why not offer a playlist or a musical ambiance?

How to participate?

Go check out Le Fooding in order to fill out your application form by detailing two lunch and dinner menus

The added plus? Make sure you indicate in your application that you are part of the DO IT IN PARIS team on the application folder, and post the required photographs by tagging @doitin_paris

so that the entire community can vote for you!

Application form to be filled out by the 7th of May. Result of the contest on the 14th of May!

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