How to have the prettiest breasts in Paris?


Large or small, we all like arrogant breasts, high and proud! Top model, dance rat at the Crazy, yoga guru: the divas of great breasts have unveiled their tips and beauty routines for a good-looking cleavage and the prettiest tits in Paris. Here is the way to go.

The prescription of Carolina Jaramillo Cossio, model at Karin Models

carolina model

© Carolina Jaramillo on Instagram for Noo Underwear

Purpose: tonic breasts

  • Swimming is probably the most appropriate sport for breasts because it helps to open up the rib cage. The breast-stroke is the most efficient exercise that I work on once a week at Klay, and once a week, the push up and T.R.X that helps tone pecs and uplift breasts.
  • My ritual: everyday I slowly massage my breasts clockwise, then the other way with cream, after my sports session to ensure blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • I change creams every two days and I allow my skin to rest one day per week.
  • 2 days with Gel Elastine by Clayton Shagal
  • 2 jour of pure BIO Keratin
  • 2 days of BIO almond oil
  • Nutrition is essential. I eat most foods that are rich in vitamin E like a spoonful or virgin olive and colza oil at all the my meals with nuts, almonds, spinach, but also antioxidants such as lemon or blackberry without forgetting green vegetables. It’s exactly what our breasts need to be toned and resist the gravity effect. Don’t forget water is essential, I am constantly hydrating myself. At least 2 liters of spring water, notably Rosée de la Reine, and once a week Vittel that gives me more calcium and magnesium.

Klay, 4Bis Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris, 01 40 26 00 00. More info on

The prescription of Fasty, a Paris dancer with the prettiest tits of the Crazy Horse Saloon.

crazy horse

© Ricardo Tinelli

Goal: firm breasts

  • Every morning after showering: apply a cream with a small 8-shape massage around the breasts. Results are very quick. This is generally recommended to pregnant women before and after giving birth. But everyone should do it!
  • A small exercise to practice every day when on the metro or in front of our fave TV series Join both palms. Hold as tight as possible with a little pressure during 10 seconds. Let go 5 seconds and start again for 5 minutes. You need to stand nice and tall with your shoulders way back.
  • If I go out and don’t have support, I scotch tape my clothes on my skin with double face Scotch®. Pretty and airy, it avoids problems. For evening wear, it conveys a very nice looking cleavage. In case of allergy, use Scotch® for skin at Etam (pro tips by Etam).

Crazy Horse, 12 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, 01 47 23 32 32. More info on

The prescription of Tatiana Elle, Yoga Teacher at the Tigre Yoga Club

tatiana yoga teacher

Goal: soft breasts

  • Make your own ice cubes with camomile or calendula infusion. With circular movements give yourself a frozen massage glacial starting at the base of the breast, avoiding the tit, which is too sensitive. Double effect: cold tones the skin while camomile/calendula convey tenderness. Finish the routine with a essential oil massage of pomegranate with toning, anti-wrinkle virtues to dilute with your body oil.
  • Every day practice the Chaturanga Dandasana posture (the posture with a board on the knees) that reinforces the large pectorals. To begin, lie on your stomach. Place hands on the side at the armpit level, chin on the ground, feet close together. With your elbows close to the body and your knees on the ground, push with your hands and lift the bust, elbows bent, the high parts of the arms parallel to the ground, back straight. Breathe deeply 3-5 times.
  • Then move on to the Cobra posture that stretches the large pecs and lifts breasts. Upon breathing in extend the arms (if your back is tight keep your elbows slightly bent) by extending shoulders away from the neck. Stick out your breasts, knee on the ground. Look up. Breathe deeply 3-5 times. Slowly come back to the initial position breathing out. Repeat twice.

Le Tigre Yoga Club, 19 Rue de Chaillot, 75116 Paris, 09 84 54 17 34. More info on

The prescription of Alexandra, coach at Chez Simone dreamupyoga

Goal: a proud and highly perched cleavage

  • All day long, just apply a few yoga tips. Think of staying straight by extending the top of the skull towards the sky as though you were pulled with a thread from above. Shoulders rolled back, extend the nape of the neck, "puff out your chest". It gives a proud posture… Studies have proved that it has direct effects on self-confidence. So don’t hesitate!
  • And here are two other simple exercises to practice every day in order to loosen and improve posture :

- Stretch arms towards the sky and bring them back down

- Intertwine hands behind the back and tighten fists very hard extending hands and showing off breasts—it’s what one calls the heart space of yoga, of a small boost of heart chakra, also very good.

Chez Simone, 140 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris 09 67 41 04 24. More info on

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