The new trendy Italians


Why you are going to adore going there: because there was really a need for a high added value spot near Ternes. Here, truly, everything is combined to appeal to the stylish Parisienne. A huge heated terrace + big tables for groups + handsome 30 year olds + glass of Prosecco at €5. Go for it!


The specialty: antipasti to share with no obligation to order a meal “dish+dessert”. Yum: truffle (€18), fried calamari, slab of charcuterie, as well as foccacias to be washed down with a good bottle of Lambrusco (€25).


Open Tuesday to Saturday lunch and evening.
77 bis, avenue des Ternes, 75017 Paris.

Pink Mamma

Why you are going to adore going there: Hip and cool: ultra glam’ dolce vita decor, huge pizzas, high voltage ambiance, hidden cocktails bar. From the top of its four floors, the “newcomer” of the Big Mamma Group (East Mamma, Ober Mamma, Pizzeria Popolare…) is sure to be a success. Only downside, waiting in line can really upset you if you are not a regular.


The specialty: the Italian BBQ is making its coming out. Sirloin strip 450g (€27), prime rib of beef for two (33€/p), t-bone steak alla florentina with polenta (€3) or roasted potatoes. And all those who cannot live without their famous mozza di bufala (€7), divine truffle pasta (€18) and tiramisu (€6.50), don’t worry, the house classics are all there.


Open every day lunch and evening.

20 bis rue de Douai, 75009 Paris.


Why you are going to adore going there: the Mamma of Parisiennes has been feeding for years the prettiest girls in Paris with cocktails, shows and private dinners... Might as well say that her new trattoria at Abbesses is attracting all the BP in her super slick decor featuring a combo of simple and sophisticated items.


The specialty: everything! Aside from top notch products (burrata, AOP Parma ham refined for 24 months), the signature here is fresh pasta made under your eyes by mammas from Genoa as well as home sauces: gnocchi with sage butter and toasted pined nuts (€12), stracciatella ravioli, Sorrento lemons and taggiasche olive (€16), linguine with squid ink (€18).


Open every day lunch and evening.

5 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris.


Why you are going to adore going there: the best carbonara of Paris, that was him. Ex Top Chef Denny Imbroisi does it again in an Art Deco bistro straight out of the Cinecittà studios signed Emilie Bonaventure (mustard ceiling, striped wall-paper, aperitivo counter). The real stuff. Here, no carbo, but a remarkable best-of from the four corners of the Boot.


The specialty: fried artichokes Jewish style, already cult (€10), caccio e peppe spaghettoni (€16) as cool as an escapade to Rome with a local glass of wine. Tops also, the ravioli buffala and truffle (€20) that literally explode the like counters on Instagram. And better than the tiramisu, go for the affogato (€9), a true revelation.


Open Monday to Friday lunch and evening, Saturday only evening.

17, rue Oudinot, 75007 Paris.


Why you are going to adore going there: in the name of the tomato, mozzarella and basil. Enjoy. This trendy neo-pizzeria has made the pizzanism at state religion. One must say that its divine crunchy-soft crust elaborated with a clever mix of French & Italian flours as well as natural yeast has totally converted us.


The specialty: the Napolitan pizza cooked over a wood fire. Efficient and cheap: the combo tomato, mozza, basil (€6.50). A little stronger, the mix smoked mozza di Bufala, spicy pork sausage, caramelized glazed onion, Trevise salad (€12.50). The holy 4 cheese is displayed in a pimped version: ricotta, fourme d’Ambert, small goat crottin, pecorino, nut (€11.50). And to raise your glass to the heavens, the BapBap beer, brewed especially for the place.


Open every day lunch and evening.

153 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris.


Why you are going to adore going there: a real chic trattoria, decorated with blue velvet banquettes, old mirrors, wicker suspensions and wild plants, right on canal de l’Ourcq. As an extra: a large heated terrace and an adorable staff.


The specialty: a light pizza, thin and soft crust made with organic flour, cooked in an oven brought directly from Naples by the chef himself. The sure values: the Sottobosco (speck, mozza, gorgonzola, mushrooms, pears, basil, €17) and the Tartufo (truffle cream, ricotta, oyster mushrooms, mozza, Parmesan, basil, €18). Tops also: savoury melt-in-the-mouth charcuterie sliced on the spot.


Open every day lunch and evening, non-stop service during the weekend.
32 Quai de la Marne, 75019 Paris.


Why you are going to adore going there: servers with a sing-song accent, a great ambiance... Normal, in this tavern, chic like in Tuscany, they serve real mamma’s eats. Here the pasta is prepared inside the Parmesan wheel. And the smell is incredible.


The specialty: pizza, cooked in a Morello oven, visible from the dining room. Diavola with smoked Scamorza and sausage from Calabria (€15), light Vegetariana (eggplants, artichokes, zucchini, peppers, €14). Tops: for each dish chosen, we suggest the most adapted wine from the XXL wine card. For dessert, an addictive nutty tiramisu (€9).


Open Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner. On the weekend, just in the evening.

11 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75002 Paris.

The Little Italy

Why you are going to adore going there: if you liked the cult addresses of the Big Mamma group, you will adore the concept of this stylish trattoria, also inspired by the New York area so dear to Vito Corleone. Its strong point: a fab heated terrace with a nice light and lots of plants, already taken over by all the smokers of Batignolles.


The specialty: all the great classics della mamma’s kitchen. Pasta with truffle (€18), seafood (€15), pesto and burrata (€14), veggie lasagna (€11)... Another must: their Parma Big Love heart-shaped pizza (tomato, mozza, Parma ham, pecorino, basil, €15). On the terrace, you can share small plates of coppa, grilled veggies, cheese and a good bottle of de organic Sicililan Syrah (€25).


Open every day non-stop.

5 Place de Clichy, 75017 Paris.

Sense Eat

Why you are going to adore going there: veggie is sexy. Proof with this 100% vegeterian restaurant that serves couture veggies from Terroirs d’Avenir and pasta made by the mamma of Enrico, the boss. Converted to slow food and yoga, this ex financial whiz kid has found the mojo and shares his healthy pleasures with chef Maurizio Carlucci (ex-Il Carpaccio).


The specialty: verdura, understand veggies cooked with a large dose of creativity. Ricotta smoked with mountain hay and blown quinoa (€16), mozzarella di bufala and chickpea falafel (€16), organic venere rice, beet mousse (€21), gnocchi and raw artichokes (€21), ravioli with buckwheat and pumpkin consommé (€19), the menu also features the vegan and no gluten versions. For the sweet note, panna cotta with ginger or tiramisu. And natch, a natural wine.


Open every day lunch and evening.

39, rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris.


Why you are going to adore going there: it’s an insider address! Hidden on the last floor, the reopening of the Sicilian dining room of the Salle Pleyel is the new in spot under the help of Benjamin Patou… Laura Gonzalez signs a spectacular decor à la Visconti, ultimate baroque —felt, marble, a small reminder of the New York Cipriani. Glamour… A tad decadent.


The specialty: the very promising talent of the young guard of chefs, Patrick Charvet (ex Guy Martin) sends out perfectly mastered trendy Med dishes: linguine with fish eggs and lemon (€29), calamari fritti sauce tartare (€19), risotto with artichoke (€31), Milanese veal cutlet (€34) washed down by great bottles from the Boot (special kudos to the wines of the lovely Carole Bouquet).


Open every day lunch and dinner. Closed on Sunday and Saturday lunch.

252 bis rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris.

Little Nonna

Why you are going to adore going there: a no gluten trattoria? Big success for this new trendy address that has totally eradicated wheat flour. And the result is tops: Italian wonder without a bloated tummy. Clap, clap.


The specialty: gluten-free pizzas on a base of alternative flours (corn, buckwheat, whole grain and semi whole grain rice). Dolce Vita (rucula, bresaola, parmesan, €17), Piccante (spicy salami, olives, ricotta, €15), Truffissima (rucula and truffle, €20) as well as their decadent chocolate version (€10). Other options, the ceviche (€20), the carpaccio (€17) and the lobster spaghetti (€21). In the glasses, organic wines and no gluten beer.


Open every day lunch and evening.

12, avenue Niel, 75017 Paris.

Jimmy 2 fois

Why you are going to adore going there : first for the wink to Jimmy Two Times, the persona in Goodfellas who always said everything twice: “ I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers”. Secondly, for the buddy-buddy atmosphere of this pizzeria recently open by Julien et Valentin, two childhood friends.


The specialty: extra slim crust with bouncing edges, a pizza with allure. Starting with the Jimmy (fior di latte, ham, mushroom, €12.50) and the Toto Riina (tomato sauce, capers, olives, anchovies, €13). And if truffle is your passion, test the Trescher’Ozo (truffled cream, fior di latte, truffled arugula, cherry tomato, €15), twice rather than once.


Open Thursday to Sunday lunch and evening.

15, rue Letort, 75018 Paris.

Da Graziella

Why you will adore going there: this gem Napolitan pizzeria installed in a vintage decor inherited from the 20s (mosaic mural frescoes, emerald green marble tables, wrought-iron chairs) offers a true rarity you may never have heard of...


The specialty: fried pizza, just like the ones you nibble on at every street corner in the Vesuvius region. Careful, its melting texture is totally addictive. Rolled like a calzone, it’s filled with cicoli, ricotta and olive oil. In the sweet version, it tastes like churros, to be dipped in chocolate #mammamia. For traditional ones, the oven pizzas are tops (Margherita €13).


Open Monday to Friday from noon to evening.

43, rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris.

Ristorante National

Why you will adore going there: this is where the trendiest rendezvous of Paris is happening. Since the new fall season, the Hôtel des Arts et Métiers is creating the buzz in the Parisian and international world. And guess what: its very trendy restaurant is constantly full… and it just happens to be an upscale Italian with Julien Cohen at the helm (Pizza Chic, Grazie).


The specialty: the Boot in trendy mode. Veggies and herbs tempuras, pesto of arugula (€14), gluten-free spaghetti with kamut, saffron and mint (€20, raw seabass, burrata and fish eggs (€17), pistachio cream (€12).


Open every day for lunch and dinner.

243 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris.

Royal Monceau

Why you will adore going there: for the fantastic experience of a Med lunch in one of the most amazing palaces of Paris. With its new upscale weekly rendezvous, the prestigious Italian restaurant of the Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris (1 star from the Guide Michelin, if you please) is going all out...


The specialty: tomatoes as streamlined as a Ferrari, deluxe ham as well as a splendid mozzarella and burrata bar where you can load up in keeping with your appetite—the antipasti buffet is enough to make your head turn. And it continues with the dish of your choice (spicy spaghetti with squid, gnocchi with osso buco ragu, Milanese risotto). Even Pierre Hermé, official supplier of the hotel, played the game with a highly desirable tiramisu and a revisited bread from Genova. Ultimate chic, the glass of Prosecco. €126 for an all-included lunch.


Every Sunday for lunch.

37 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris.


Why you will adore going there: to discover the latest address of food shaker David Lanher, dandy restaurateur, that is shaking Parisian foodies with his restaurants (Racines, Caffè Stern, Bon Saint Pourçain). Latest baby on the list: Anima Rive Gauche, rue du Cherche-Midi, the contemporary Italian that is shaking up the area with his amazing decor: marble bar, graphic wall paper and bourgeois carpet. Pure bliss.


The specialty: very hard to choose. On the one side, fab pizzas, concocted under your eyes and cooked directly on the wood fire by a pizzaiolo who produces the best dough and toppers (starting at €9). On the other, more racy small dishes under the helm of Marco Marzilli: raw gambas tartare with yuzu - orgasmic, a fab vitello tonnato, plate of veggies ideal for dips and a delicious tiramisu.


Open every day lunch and dinner.

78 rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris.

Tripletta Belleville

Why you will adore going there: if a princess from Naples wanted to go on a Belleville Holiday, she would of course end up here… A charming location including its teak terrace and grass roof, its huge pizza oven, round bistro tables and colourful chairs in formica. In short: the coolest table of the East Side.


The specialty: Napolitan pizzas, thick yet soft crust at the same time, topped with local delights from Paisano, the Italian hot spot that is creating the buzz in Goncourt.


Open every day, lunch and dinner, non-stop service during the weekend.

88 Boulevard de Belleville, 75020 Paris.


Why you will adore going there: after Antibes and New York, Peppino Mammolito, nicknamed the “Pasta Pope” lands in Paris with his Mamo, deliciously people (Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Kendall Jenner are already regulars) with just the right kind of bling. No need to say that the kid brother of Manko could only settle in the 16th arrondissement, near the Trocadéro in a perfectly neo-classic setting.


The specialty: upscale eats! Truffles galore: risotto with white Alba truffle (€52), truffle pizza (€48), truffle burrata (€38), Mamo Burger with foie gras and fresh truffle (€44). For those who are not hooked to the blank diamond: penne all’arrabiata (€16), osso buco (€55) and why not wash it down with a Pétrus (€4800) or a more modest bottle of Chianti (€55). Just a question of budget.


Open Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner.

2 Rue la Pérouse, 75016 Paris.

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