We decode the argyle trend for you

Remember this name well: Argyle, it's that diamond-shaped knit pattern, found on our grandfather's sweaters and socks. Believe it or not, it's THE trend of the moment! The latest fashion week showcased this trend that we already love, with colorful looks that we dream of wearing. Miu Miu, Dior, Ami, Chanel, and Etro: whether in men's or women's collections, these little diamonds are most often seen on knits or accessories, giving the outfit a big pop, allowing for a true play of colors. Coincidence or not? A film called Argylle has just been released in theaters, starring Dua Lipa and our sexy Superman Henry Cavill as spies. We'll tell you all about this phenomenon!


where does it come from ?

We all know this print, but few know its name! This decidedly retro touch, of Scottish origin, became trendy thanks to the Duke of Windsor in the 1920s and remains today a true icon of British heritage. Fun fact: there's even a national Argyle Day celebrated on January 8th since 2008. Brands like Burlington or Pringle Scotland have fully embraced its diamond or rhombus shapes, making it very masculine. Often associated with golfers, argyle gives a preppy and somewhat bourgeois look.

Miu Miu has been revisiting it for a few seasons now with the schoolgirl look, but it's making a strong comeback this season thanks to houses like Hermès, Loewe, or even Chanel, where we've seen some looks paying homage to it. Mostly found on knits, this harlequin pattern is reimagined in numerous colors and makes you want to have fun breaking the rules and mixing up looks.


How do we wear it?

The argyle look

The argyle pattern will be the centerpiece of your outfit. So, let's take inspiration from Bella Hadid and pair it with leather pants to give the knit a more chic and dressed-up feel. Why not choose a beautiful pair of heeled ankle boots to elongate the silhouette: grandpa's sweater will become much more stylish.

Alternatively, we can embrace the schoolgirl trend and take inspiration from the Miu Miu and Ami runway looks by opting for a sleeveless sweater paired with a pleated skirt and a blazer. For an even more polished outfit, we could even try adding a tie and transform into a true Blair Waldorf.

We can also play with mixing and matching prints by pairing our little sweater with a beautiful Prince of Wales patterned skirt, as perfectly demonstrated by Victoria Beckham. Bonus points for letting the shirt collar peek out from the sweater! And how about mixing in some leopard print to blend two trends? Just be mindful of the choice of shoes and accessories, keeping them subtle to avoid overwhelming the look with too much information.

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