Modibodi: the label that makes period panties sexy


It's hard to get over the period panties when you're used to the all-terrain comfort of the tampon, the ease of the towel or the green aspect of the cup. And yet, it will not have escaped your notice that more and more of us have started ...

It must be said that now, period underwear is getting more and more sexy and proudly displays lace, shimmering colors and pop prints. The proof with the success story of Modibodi , the ultimate reference in the field and which is unanimous. Presentations ...

Rules 2.0

Assuming that a woman uses an average of 11,000 disposable pads (not biodegradable at all, of course) throughout her menstrual life, the Australian founder of Modibodi - a busy business mother mom - launched her brand in 2013.

His new life mission? Freeing women from the constraint of disposable protections in a truly planet-friendly approach, supported by the insane Modifier Technology® , a brilliant fabric as breathable as absorbent only 3mm thick (much more ergonomic than a towel, therefore) and which prevents all liquids from overflowing… up to 50ml (the equivalent of ten well-filled tampons)!

Result: basic or very sophisticated models, high or low waist, in thong, shorty or panties, with sensual details, in vegan or recycled fabric ... To choose according to its flow, from the lightest to the most abundant. You stay dry and avoid leaks and embarrassing situations of all kinds, even in the pool: innovative to the end, Modibodi has even launched its 100% safe swimwear line.

And for the skeptics, the brand offers all newcomers two months of testing with panties of their choice ...

How to wash your Modibodi panties?

No, you don't have to wash your dirty panties on your own in the machine, or stain the rest. You just have to rinse it well in cold water before sliding it into the drum with your laundry, if possible in a protective net to protect the fiber. We stretch it like his other panties, and we start again!

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