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After 7 years with Sonia Rykiel and a deep passion for sweaters, Jane Cattani decided, post-Covid, to create her own cashmere brand, Jane Again Cashmeres. Her top-quality products and expertise make her the queen of cashmere! Made in Italy, her timeless style pullovers, mittens, hoodies, and cardigans prove to be the best companions for staying warm all winter. Committed to the slow fashion movement, Jane offers iconic pieces that can last a lifetime. Today, she reveals all the secrets of this luxury wool to maintain it and make it last as long as possible. So, take note to become a cashmere expert with the wise advice of this specialist!


What are the benefits of cashmere?

Cashmere has extraordinary properties of lightness and softness. In terms of temperature, it has a natural insulating power that is up to 10% higher than that of wool. It also becomes softer and more flexible when worn and washed.


How to wash your cashmere?

Many people are accustomed to taking their cashmere to the dry cleaner. That's a mistake! Firstly, because it doesn't clean it well, and especially because cashmere loves water and likes to be washed, either by hand (rolling it in a towel and letting it dry flat) or in the machine with cold water, protected in a net with minimal spinning. Above all, let it dry flat and away from a strong light source. Additionally, there are many cashmere-specific detergents available today. My favorite? Clothes Doctor, an "ecowash" with added sandalwood to protect it from moths.


How to maintain it daily?

It is recommended to fold your cashmere in a wardrobe to prevent it from deforming. But most importantly, pay attention to moths with the superb product Knitwear Mist from the same brand. Completely natural with orange and cedarwood, you can spray it directly on cashmere and in closets.


An anti-pilling tip?

I'm proud to say that my cashmere pills less, but if it happens, there's Steamery Stockholm, a small machine that doesn't pull the threads and is better than a comb that damages the wool, in my opinion.


My cashmere is stained, what do I do?

I recommend washing it with Marseille soap. And if there's a really stubborn stain, then take it to the dry cleaner as they have professional tricks.


Your essential cashmere pieces?

I love cashmere hoodies that don't look too sporty and can be worn anytime, for travel, during the day, when it's cold in the evening, or even in the mountains. Otherwise, a cashmere wool jacket is an essential piece that you can keep for years. And also a V-neck sweater. I've also made a cashmere and silk sweater, like a luxury t-shirt, that you can wear under sweaters when it's really cold. A classic you can't do without once you have it!


What colors to prioritize?

Beige, gray, black, and it's always important to have a touch of color. For example, today I wore a slightly deep blue sweater, and I think it's uplifting to have some color. You can't always dress in black. Beige is also good as a base, and I also feel that off-white is very trendy right now.


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