The Choco Tornado© of Pancake Sister

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When a  US pancake is covered with a home-made spread, Chantilly cream and banana… How to resist?

For 3 Choco Tornado©

Preparation: 20mn

Cooking: 15 mn

The Chantilly

In a salad bowl, pour the liquid cream and the icing sugar. With an electric whisk, beat until you obtain an airy cream. Place in pastry piping bag and set aside.

The chocolate sauce

In a bowl, cut the chocolate in chunks. Melt in a double boiler. Keep warm on the side.

The pancakes batter

Preheat your pan on an average flame. Separate the egg whites from the yolks in two salad bowls. Mix the yolks, the milk and the oil using a whisk. Add the flour, the chocolate chips and the sugar then whip until the batter is smooth. Mix well and set aside. With an electric whisk, beat the egg whites into snow peaks and incorporate them in the batter with a spatula.

Cooking the pancakes and presentation

Slightly oil your pan and pour the batter with a ladle order to form pancakes with a 10 cm diameter. As soon as the bubbles appear, turn it over with a spatula. Once cooked, allow to cool down a little.

On a plate, place a pancake with chocolate chips. Add the spread. Repeat the operation with a second. Cut the bananas in slivers. Place them on top. Pour the melted chocolate on top, then create a dome of Chantilly. Then sprinkle with chocolate slivers.

Enjoy !


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Organic eggs: 2

Organic milk: 135 ml

Raisin pit oil: 10 ml

Organic flour: 125g

Brown cassonade sugar: 30g

Chocolate chips: 40g

Liquid cream: 250g

Icing sugar: 25 g

Chocolate slivers: 15g

Black chocolate: 50g

Organic spread: 50g

Banana: 1

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