How to make endives glamourous?

How to make endives glamourous : The answer in 5 recipes, with a kiri quiche, a very sexy croque-monsieur, salty cookies and a divine mix and mash.

Small quiches with endives and Kiri

quiches endives fromage frais

Preheat the oven on thermostat 7 (210°C).

Unroll the pâte brisée or shortcrust dough in order to cut 4 circles.

Place these dough circles in buttered small tart moulds and precook the lot during 5 min.

o avoid the dough from bloating, cover it with sulfurized paper and dried vegetables (beans, lentils...).

Cut the special endives for braising in 4 lengthwise.

Mince finely, cook them in butter with a little water for 20 min, on a low flame.

Keep a good watch to avoid the endives from sticking in the pan. Salt and pepper.

Remove the excess butter from the endives and place them in the small tart moulds.

Beat the eggs and add the fresh cream, the fresh cheese and the lemon juice.

Pour the preparation on the endives. Bake for 35 min and enjoy!!

Mashed apples and endives

compote de pomme aux endives

Cut the special oven endives in 4 lengthwise and mince finely.

Peel and cut the apples in small pieces. Finely mince the shallot. In a big pot, melt the butter and add the endives, apples and shallot. Salt and pepper.

Allow to cook for 10 min on low flame. Add the sugar and allow to cook until you have a nice mashed consistence (count between 15 and 25 min).

Once the mix is mashed, pour it in small recipients. For babies, mix in the blender before pouring in the pots.

The entire family is ready for a treat!

Croque-monsieur of endives with comté cheese and fleur de sel

croque monsieur endives

For 8 persons

Remove the leaves of the young endive sprouts.

On a slice of toast bread, spread 1 teaspoon of soft mustard, then divide the endive leaves evenly. Place ½ slice of ham then 1 slice of comté. Add some more endive leaves then

close everything with a slice of bread. Repeat the operation for the 8 croque-monsieurs.

Cook with a special croque-monsieur machine that has been oiled or then use a pan.

Serve nice and warm while sprinkling each croque-monsieur with fleur de sel.

And with your croque-monsieur serve a delicious salad of RED endives!

Salty cookie of endives and dried tomatoes

cookies endives

4 persons

Preheat your oven to thermostat 5 (150°C).

In a salad bowl, incorporate the egg, the butter, olive oil and flour one by one while mixing at each step to obtain a homogenous consistence. Set in a fresh place for 30 min.

Cut the young endive sprouts in 4 lengthwise and mince finely.

Cook them in butter with a dash of water until they are totally cooked. Salt, pepper and set aside.

Cut the dried tomatoes and the comté in small pieces.

Add the endives, the dried tomatoes and the comté to the preparation.

Mix well to obtain a homogenous dough consistence.

Form small balls of dough and place them on sulfurized paper, flattening them slightly. Bake during 40 min. Serve and enjoy!

Croquettes of mashed endives

croquette endives


Preparation: 20 min

Cooking: 50 min

Peel the potatoes, cut them up in pieces and cook in boiling water for 30 min.

Cut the special oven endives in 4 lengthwise and mince finely. Pan them in butter with a dash of water until they are totally cooked.

Mix the potatoes and the endives, then add the egg yolks and blend all together.

The purée must have a homogenous and compact texture while remaining smooth.

Fill a piping bag (with a smooth and round tip, (about 4 cm of diameter) with the preparation and set up a regular cylinder. Cut in regular chunks.

Roll the chunks in flour, then in the beaten whole egg, and finally the breadcrumbs.

Cook on a low flame in a non-stick pan, previously heated.

You can also dip them in frying oil according to your taste.

Once they are nice and golden, place them on paper towels to remove excess grease.

Now you are ready to taste!


Also discover the caramelized endives with orange and the veggie salad with cauliflower.



- 4 Perle du Nord endives for braising

- 1 pâte brisée or shortcrust dough

- 30g of butter

- 4 eggs

- 25 cl of liquid fresh cream

- 4 squares of fresh cheese spread such as Kiri

- 2 teaspoons of lemon juice

- Salt/Pepper


- 4 Perle du Nord special oven endives

- 4 juicy red apples type Jonagold

- 1 shallot

- 1 nut of butter

- 1 tablespoon of sugar

- 1 pinch of salt

- Pepper


- 6 Perle du Nord young endive sprouts

- 16 slices of toast bread

- 8 teaspoons of soft mustard

- 4 slices of ham

- 8 slices of comté

- Olive oil

- Fleur de sel


- 6 Perle du Nord young endive sprouts

- 1 egg

- 70g of butter

- 65 ml of olive oil

- 250g of flour

- 250 of dried tomatoes

- 30g of comté

- Salt/Pepper


- 4 Perle du Nord special oven endives

- 6 potatoes with firm consistence

- 50g de of butter

- 4 egg yolks + 1 whole egg

- 5 teaspoons of flour

- 5 teaspoons of fine breadcrumbs

- Salt/Pepper

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