Rehab: the cocktail bar hidden in the middle of a building site

The Rehab bar at the Hotel Normandy in Paris

You have surely heard of the astonishing Hotel Normandy, rue Saint-Honoré , renamed “ Le Chantier ” since it remains open during its work. But behind a back door at the back of the breakfast room, you just have to go down a narrow spiral staircase (be careful in heels) to discover Rehab , the trendiest and most desirable speakeasy of the moment.

Muted date

We couldn't dream of a more chill and confidential cocktail bar to impress a date. First, thanks to the fabulous decor halfway between the New York of the Roaring Twenties and the hushed sensuality of In The Mood For Love , dotted with extraordinary curiosities (antique opium bed brought back from Thailand, crucifixes in accumulation recovered from the old hotel rooms, magnificent antique chandeliers, Chinese pendants, etc.).

And since you can't snack here, we advise (future?) lovers to meet there after dinner... to get excited. Unless you book especially for Valentine's Day with a formula including 2 cocktail experiences, an amuse-bouche and a dessert (€55).

Sins of love

At Rehab, we come to indulge in a real experience of the senses with incredible cocktails signed Monsieur Vivien , the darling mixologist of fashion evenings ( Chanel , Tiffany & Co …) whose creations always turn out to be exquisite and playful in the image a real show with smoke, infusions, split glasses, superb garnishes and new tastes... With a very special place for CBD which comes up often and helps to soften (or even cancel) any hangovers.

The cocktail menu at Rehab bar with the Call of coco, the Glutony's Trap

Unique in its kind, the card revolves around addictions (money, sex, fetishism, drugs, alcohol...). Among our favorite potions: the Call of Coco (white of Normandy, mango coulis, lime, coriander, CBD, coconut water, €20), Glutony's Trap as a dessert ( speculoos vodka , amaretto, lemon, tarragon, yoghurt ice cream, tonic, zetes and small meringues to dip, €22) or the Grape Parfait (brown rum, pink grapefruit juice, hibiscus syrup, tonka, lemonade and grapefruit/hibuscus foam, €20). Your date will be amazed.

Wednesday to Saturday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

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Where to find it?

rehab saint-honoré

7, rue de l'échelle

75001 Paris


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