Brutos : The buzzing Brazilian steakhouse


For those who don’t know Square Gardette, here is a quick explanation. A certain idea of the countryside at the heart of the bobosphere in the 11th arrondissement. Practically no traffic, but a slew of friendly bistros in the middle of trees. Total joy.

And in the middle of this place a pretty Springtime terrace is nestled…It’s the one of Brutos, a nice new restaurant that is filled with foodies, instagrammers and other gourmet influencers. But this Brazilian steak-house has a lot of appeal.

Starting with its great grill concept ( Grill Astier, Clover Grill, Justine, to mention just these few). It’s a South-American gal chef who barbecues meats  (and fish) on a wooden fire : sirloin tip with chimichurri sauce, prime rib of beef from Normandy, matured for 35 days, sea bass of the day .... And it’s really very good. For those who like them that way, fries are dipped in real oil and well cooked—South American style.

And for those who are not really interested in grilled foods, the starters, that can be order as tapas to share (nuggets, fried tapioca parmesan, salty cabbage) are right on targetfor aficionados of happy hour nibbles, washed down with natural wines, the in-house religion.

Reservations recommended.

Open every evening except Monday and Tuesday

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