7 new glam 'and organic treatments

Produits Beaute Bio

Close to nature, these new incredibly effective products captivate us with their simplicity and their natural formula that gives pride of place to plants ! Responsible routines that we adopt fissa to preserve our planet with pleasure .

Anti wrinkle

Antirides La crème du temps

Highly concentrated in active ingredients, La Crème du Temps d ' Absolution , the 100% organic brand , is the new generation cream for a beauty routine closer to nature. A shock formula with 18 plant extracts, pomegranate seed oil , edelweiss and daffodil from the poets to redensify the skin, fight wrinkles and boost cell renewal . Result: a young girl's complexion, plumped, wrinkled, rejuvenated skin.

The Cream of Time, Absolution , € 62

For green nails

Coffret green, eau dissolvante et vernie à ongles Kure Bazaar

An irresistible color palette for multi-colored nails : orange, pink and grass green. This is what the new range of Manucurist organic , vegan and cruelty free nail polishes offers us , as well as 100% natural water dissolving water which, instead of attacking the nail, nourishes and hydrates it. Another option, the romantic collection of roses in Kure Bazaar, with a formula enriched organic bamboo extract and Vitamin E.

Green box, Manucurist , 33 €

Solvent water, Manucurist , € 18

Nail polish, Kure Bazaar , € 16

For glam and vegan hair

Shampoing, masque et brume pour cheveux

A brand new hair brand, Elenature , offers 11 divine products for the hair : shampoos , mask , balm , mist , serum ... All with formulas labeled Cosmebio , resulting from green chemistry , containing 97% to 100% organic ingredients. natural origin that preserve our planet! Result: airy, shiny and very soft hair. Most ? The travel range with a solid two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, so easy to slip into a travel bag, with organic cocoa and shea for gentle washing and moisturizing.

Shampoo, Elenature , 29 €

Masque, Elenature, 38 €

Mist, Elenature , 27 €

To fix

Baume bio et végane pour visage et corps

A comforting balm, organic and vegan, rich in shea butter and coconut vegetable oil , with healing and repairing active ingredients to nourish, hydrate and repair the driest areas of the face and body.

Mon huilette rescue, Les Huilettes , 40 €

Made to measure

Huile essentielle arbre à thé, sérum mains et ongles et crème hydratante visage

Only sold online, the new Typology brand offers 3 ranges of products with minimalist formulas with active ingredients from organic and sustainable agriculture :

  • The Raw range of which each product contains only one element such as avocado oil , beet or carrot powder or floral waters , which you can assemble between them as you see fit in 5 minutes depending of your problem
  • The Lab range , which offers serums with a high concentration of active ingredients formulated around a molecule or a combination of molecules to better solve each skin problem
  • The Ten range with 3 moisturizers: a face cream , a hand balm and a body cream with a formulation of 10 ingredients of natural origin and fragrance-free.

Key takeaway: simple routines with minimalist products that get to the point.

Tea tree essential oil, Typology , € 4.90

Hand and nail serum, Typology , € 9.50

Face moisturizer, Typology , € 16.50

For the shower

Gel douche bio

With vanilla , lemon , verbena or fig blossom , we love this new range of organic shower gels , made in France, with 100% natural fragrances and which leave the skin as soft and fragrant as we like.

Shower gel, Monsavon, recommended price € 3.19. Available in medium and large surfaces

So as not to sweat

Déodorant bio

The first 100% natural deodorant in a biodegradable tube by Les Petits Prödiges , of course without aluminum or preservatives, which neutralizes odors and absorbs humidity with a choice of 3 100% natural fragrances: cotton flower , charcoal powder and essential oil of eucalyptus and essential oils of lemon and bergamot . Result: soft, dry and fragrant armpits.

Deodorant, Les Petits Prödiges , € 12.90


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