The indispensable spray for smokers!

Le Spray Indispensable Des Fumeuses

There is good news for Parisiennes hooked on coffee and cigarettes, the bad breath war has started!

The concept: a new spray signed Care Innov that does not just mask post-cigarette bad breath (chlorophyll chewing-gums already do this) but that brilliantly eradicates it.

This French start-up has concocted a fresh solution, thanks to a mix of mint extracts and green tea.

We adore: the mini format that can be easily slipped in our bags, pouches and pockets—as well as cigarette packs!

In short, a really useful small tool before a business meeting or a date with your new target.

Spray of 15ml, 8,90€

Sold in pharmacies and drugstores.

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