An amazing vintage fair in the Marais

When the super cool vintage eshop, aka Imparfaite, launches its Vintage Fair in the middle of the Marais, obviously, we are reserving a place on the spot. Secondhand pros will be squatting Galerie Joseph on the 15th and 16th of June, for a shopping week-end under the sign of slow fashion.


Imparfaite, what’s the story ?

Well known of vintage fashionistas, Imparfaite is a marketplace that regroups great nuggets picked up amongst the leading owners of second hand stores in France (such as Fripes Ketchup for example, which we have been following for a long time). The ideal way for a more responsible consumption of fashion!


To be nabbed

Super trendy clothing and accessories: a Saint Laurent vichy blouse (€69), the perfectly used 501 of Levi's, a divine bag in raffia and pearls (€59), a Granny pink cardigan in crochet (€79) or a floral print dress ( €49). In short, the entire array to convey a retro touch to our often overly basic looks.

To be noted: it’s now or never the moment to nab a “granny chic” piece worthy of the latest Gucci #passionoldstuff fashion show : lavallières, pleated skirts, large seeing-eye specs, 80’s epaulets, knis,, mohairs with holes… The goal was right on target.


Conferences on ecology

Whether or not your voted green at the latest European elections européennes, the conferences taking place all weekend long willl be particularly interesting on the themes of ecologie, upcycling, fashion and lentrepreneurship.

Among all the more confirmed guests: Marie Dewet from Maison Cléo, experts of sustainable fashion OIivier Châtenet, Pénélope Blanckaert, Julien Sanders and Gaëlle Constantini, the editor-in-chief of Elle Katell Pouliquen and journalist Nathalie Dolivo, or Emmanuelle Sawko (Wild and the Moon). Up to you..

€7 for an afternoon entrance. Info and tickets on and on the Facebook event.

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Clémence Renoux

Where to find it ?

Galerie Joseph

123, rue de Turenne

75003 Paris

01 42 71 20 22

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