The new Cachemire Boutiques in Paris Linnea Lund, From Future and Absolute Cashmere

A snuggly pullover, now, right away. It’s time to seek out the perfect cashmere knit in order to be ready for Fall. Made with the most noble material stemming from the rare woo produced by the goats of Mongolia, until now cashmere was very pricey.

But that was without counting on these three new labels that have wagered everything on quality, colour and sustainability to finally make it accessible for all the chilly-will fashionistas. Zoom on three new boutiques, ideal to pick up the perfect pullover without breaking your piggy bank.

the most customized: LINNEA LUND

The linnea lund taylored cashmere boutique in Paris

It’s the comfy and responsible nugget we were all dreaming about. Nestled in an adorable small boutique on the Place de Furstenberg in the 6th, the young label Linnea Lund signs semi-customized pullovers with the same quality as those of top designers. Normal, Charlotte Björklund, who is highly concerned with traceability, has her knits produced on demand by an Italian spinner (who supplies all the deluxe houses) with wool from Mongolian goats bought in sustainable commerce mode, before being sent to a knitting house 15 km from there. In short, incredible knits and a very low carbon footprint.

The heart throbs of the collection: here, classics are in the spotlight with monochrome models and cuts worthy of Chanel: bonnet, sleeveless pullover, hoodie, turtle neck, poncho, short vest (between 145 and €245) along with 12 tempting iconic colours. But the house specialty is couture colours… The spinner sends to the boutique a stock of available threads with the colours of the moment ordered by leading houses (this week: shaded pink, burgundy, violet and grey). Just choose your cut and your colour. The customized model is produced at the same price… And sent to your home within 15 days. Chic!

Linnea Lund, 7 Place de Furstemberg, 75006 Paris. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.


Cardigans in 8-ply cable heavy knit, 2-ply turtlenecks with vitamin colours, 2-ply soft jogging pants at the From Future cashmere boutique in Paris.

Its first flagship is already a hit near Saint-Germain-des-Prés. After having

inaugurated confidentially a second boutique in the 16th, FROM FUTURE, the temple of affordable pop cashmere pullover, has treated itself to a mythical address in the Marais in the same location as the former Askenazian restaurant Jo Goldenberg with this time a supplement of soul conveyed by old stones and a few vegetal touches.

The heart throbs of the collection: cardigans in 8-ply cable heavy knit (€179), 2-ply turtlenecks with vitamin colours (€119), 2-ply soft jogging pants (€149) or cute light two-toned pullovers with round collars (€99).

FROM FUTURE, 7 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris. Open every day.


the rainbow V-neck poncho , the cuffed fuchsia bonnet, the long oversize cardigan and the superb blue lagoon cropped round collar at the Absolute Cashmere Boutique in Paris

If you are looking for green cashmeres, this is the place! From the collecting to the combing (the softest for the animal) along with sustainable dyeing, absolut cashmere puts goodwill at the centre of its preoccupations. And the proof is that the label takes back your old 100 % cashmere in exchange for a €30 voucher to be used on their Upcycling is the future, we are telling. Brand new: absolut cashmere having signed a commercial agreement with Kshmr Tribu, one now finds the tangy colours in the boutique of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The heart throbs of the collection: the rainbow V-neck poncho (€269), the cuffed fuchsia bonnet (€59), the long oversize cardigan (€239) or the superb blue lagoon cropped round collar (€239).

absolut cashmere at Kshmr Tribu, 51 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris. Open every day, Monday to Saturday.

Also check out the Off White pop up store in Paris and the new boutique of Elise Chamlain

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