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It's one of the most challenging steps to perfecting your look... A beautiful, perfectly tailored pair of jeans truly makes a difference. Flare, bootcut, carrot, mom, crop, straight – there are so many shapes and different brands that it's overwhelming. To make it easier for you, we suggest taking a look at these three stores that will make you a denim pro. We want comfort, elongated legs, and... a nice butt!



Let's go vintage!

 A vintage touch Paris

For shopping for unique pieces, the Saint-Ouen flea market is truly the place to be. In addition to branded bags, designer jewelry, and furniture, you'll inevitably find the perfect pair of jeans there! Well-tailored with just the right amount of stretch, ideally worn-in or even altered, you can find a bit of everything and especially something for everyone. Of course, it will take a bit of patience and, most importantly, a discerning eye to uncover that rare gem you won't want to part with.

Our advice? Take a stroll to Sacha Alexandre's store, A Vintage Touch Paris, which scavenges incredible vintage pieces collected directly from its shop with the orange storefront. Opt for brands like Lee, Diesel, Levi’s, and Wrangler, promising beautifully contoured legs thanks to their thick and dense fabric that blurs out any minor imperfections. The ideal? Get informed about your size beforehand to save time, although trying on is an essential part! Just slip into an outfit easy to remove and allocate some time to ensure you find the piece of your dreams. With a bit of luck, you might just discover your treasure on the first visit!

A Vintage Touch Paris, Vernaison Market at the Saint-Ouen flea market, 99 rue des rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. Open Saturday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. Jeans starting from €60.



Custom-made jeans are available

Labdip jean shop

Have you always dreamed of slipping into a pair of jeans and having them fit perfectly right off the bat? That's the challenge Labdip has taken on: perfect buttocks, enhanced silhouette, boosted self-confidence – that's what awaits you when you wear one of these jeans. Because no, you don't need to be a size 36 to feel beautiful in denim. With a few curves, flat buttocks, or overly large thighs, for X, V, A, or H body types, we've got you covered, and we find your perfect fit every time. In short, we promise you a flattering, comfortable jean, and most importantly, at a very affordable price.

And it's easy: just make an appointment directly at the store for a personalized experience. The Labdip experts first take your measurements and analyze your silhouette. The goal is really to understand your body and your expectations. Now that you know your body type, we offer you several models to try according to your tastes and desires. You head into the fitting room, and WOW! A perfect fit, great color, optimal comfort. We're almost certain you'll find the jeans of your dreams and leave with only one desire: to put them on and never take them off again!

Labdip, 58 rue Amelot, Paris 11th. Open from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday. Online reservation for a free 20-minute appointment and jeans starting from €115.


We recycle our old favorites

Levi’s shop in Paris at the Champs Elysées

Your favorite jeans are losing a bit of their soul, and you're craving something new? Levi’s, THE reference brand in denim, offers to give a second life to your favorite pieces. This upcycling approach invites you to personalize and completely revamp the style of your jeans directly in-store.

You can add patches, change buttons to different colors, embroider sweet words or beautiful designs, change the color of the leather label located on the back of the jeans, add distressing, make a hem, or even repair tears, zipper issues, and any other defects. So, bring your Levi’s jeans (already washed) or find your treasure right there in the store to make it your own. You'll walk out with a brand-new piece that you'll wear again and again.

Levi’s, 76 avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris 8th. Open every day from 10 am to 8:30 pm. Personalization starting from €10, allow for a lead time of one to two weeks.


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We take a look at the selection of jeans that will make you look fabulous!

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