A comedy worthy of LOL!

Pour Que Tu M Aimes Encore

Better than La Boum and LOL, the Pour que tu m’aimes encore: a comedy that takes us back to our high school years and our first flirts!

This show, presented like an intimate relates (with lots of humour) the life of Élise, who is 13 and a half years old, an adult in the making. A first love, a school trip in Poland, a slightly off-beat mom, a first party... All this on a Céline Dion background.

A day dreaming teenager, Élise Noiraud interprets on the stage of the Comédie de Paris a large cast of extravagant characters with an amazing energy that is not without recalling Julie Ferrier. Special kudos to “Mumu”, the sports teacher with a flowery language.

We like: this play is a real candy of tenderness, clever and intelligent without falling into clichés that are too girly or heavy duty. A must-go outing between sisters or with your girl friends for a guaranteed emotional flash back.

Pour que tu m’aimes encore, by and with Élise Noiraud à la Comédie de Paris, 25€, until the 25th of June.

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Where to find it?

Comédie de Paris

42, rue Pierre Fontaine

75009 Paris

01 42 81 00 11


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