Opera Nights in a Private Mansion

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Step into your finest evening attire as we take you to the opera! But not just any opera: Opera a Palazzo. Within the luxurious private mansion of the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation, just a stone's throw from Parc Monceau, artists and musicians transport their guests into a unique adaptation of La Traviata like never before. An unforgettable experience!


A Magical Setting

Che cos'è l'opera a palazzo ? What is Opera a Palazzo? Literally, it's an opera in a palace. Inspired by the concept created by the music lovers' association Musica a Palazzo in Venice, the idea is to present an opera in an exceptional and intimate setting.

For the past three years, these intimate operas have made their way to Paris with the Opera a Palazzo shows. Following successful performances at the Monnaie de Paris, the Dosne-Thiers Foundation, and the Jacquemart-André Museum, the opera now takes center stage in the Grand Salon of the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation, a historically closed-to-the-public private mansion. A historic venue!


A High-Quality Program

For this new season, artists perform a unique adaptation of La Traviata, focusing on the three main roles - Violetta, Alfredo, and Giorgio - directed by Patrizia Di Paolo. A quick reminder: Alfredo Germont, a young man from a Provencal family, falls for Violetta Valéry during an evening in Paris. They embark on a passionate affair, much to the dismay of Alfredo's family...

Accompanied by a pianist, a violinist, and a cellist, the opera singers perform just steps away from the audience, creating the illusion of being part of this exceptional opera. A nearly immersive experience that sparks the imagination! To make the evening even more delightful, a glass of champagne is offered during intermission. Dress to impress for this extraordinary event that provides an unforgettable interlude.

Special Deal: 10% off for the performances on March 15th and 29th!

Opera a Palazzo runs until June 28th. Starting at 8:30 pm. Online information.

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