The most beautiful museums in Paris celebrate Yves Saint Laurent

The Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in the Paris museums

This is THE new fashion exhibition to absolutely see in Paris! Following its first installment at the Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode in Calais last summer, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum presents the stunning exhibition "Transparencies: The Power of Materials." Around forty garments, accessories, sketches, and photographs unveil the secret techniques of the couturier genius in creating transparency. A must-see without fail!


To play with transparencies

"Transparencies, I've known them for a long time. The important thing with them is to maintain the mystery..." said Yves Saint Laurent. His obsession? To sublimate the female body by playing with transparencies. Boldly and always respectfully, the couturier contemplated nudity with the aim of defending the freedom to cover or uncover oneself. He alternately revealed the chest, back, waist, belly, lower back, and buttocks, giving rise to iconic pieces such as his first bare-breasted blouse, showcased for the occasion, created for the spring-summer 1968 collection. A subversive creation for its time!

Yves Saint-Laurent

As visitors wander through the rooms, the exhibition explains how Saint Laurent played with materials to create transparency with unique pieces showcased to the public: chiffon and tulle allow for fluid outfits that free movement, like the mythical Nude Dress made of ostrich feathers, while organdy is used to highlight the architectural construction of a garment. Like in a fashion show, bridal gowns close the procession: it's not just the veil that's transparent, as the dress consists of layers of tulle for a discreet effect. The gem not to be missed? The red wedding dress with embroidered flowers from the haute couture fall-winter 1980 collection.


When art gets involved

Yves Saint Laurent drew direct inspiration from art to create his characteristic outfits. Among his influences: the lace of the dresses in Francisco de Goya's paintings, from which he sketched designs for his models, such as the highly colorful gypsy dress with black lace revealing the chest. In addition to the exhibition, curators have identified other correspondences with contemporary artists to Saint Laurent. This is the case with Anne Bourse's immersive and transparent textile installations, as well as Loïe Fuller's choreographies, not to mention the female forms drawn and superimposed by Picabia in his series also entitled "Transparencies." One never tires of seeing these treasures that blend art and fashion...

"Transparencies" runs until August 25th at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, 5 Avenue Marceau, Paris 16th.

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