The best pieces to see absolutely in April


Our shortlist of hybrid, funny or unexpected shows.

The most anticipated

The Good Show: Snow Therapy with Alex Lutz and Julie Depardieu .

Nothing goes between Eva and Thomas: or how an avalanche deeply shakes the couple! Salomé Lelouch adapts the corrosive Cannes -winning comedy by Swedish director Ruben Östlund with a most exciting tandem .

The topo? They are on vacation in the mountains with the family, when an avalanche heads for the terrace of the restaurant where they are. If no one is injured, she blames him for having fled by saving his phone, while she was protecting the children. Obviously, he denies the facts… everyone blames themselves, until the implosion. To face this defeat of the couple, they can count on their friend Johanna (genialissime Ludivine de Chastenet ) who ends up arriving in the company of a new temporary conquest, Niels (hilarious David Talbot ). And we, what would we have done in their place? Would we have been heroic or, on the contrary, unspeakably cowardly?

Where ? Rond-Point Theater, 2Bis Av. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 8th.

And after ? We take stock at the restaurant of the theater around a beef tartare or half-cooked tuna.

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© Giovanni Cittadini Cesi

The most political

The Good Show: My Dinner with Winston with Gilles Cohen.

Emblematic actor of the series The Office of legends (the director of Intelligence alias Moule à gaufre), Gilles Cohen invites Churchill to his table in a single-in-scene written by the 2020 Goncourt prize , Hervé Le Tellier . A great lover of history and political speeches, the actor and director wanted to make a show about this strategist, convinced European and Nobel Prize winner for literature, but did not see himself embodying him. So he slips into the role of Charles, a lonely man who is waiting for his idol for dinner, even if he knows he won't come... However, something ends up happening... Gilles Cohen is simply wonderful in this show certainly on loneliness and madness but crossed by a humor and an intelligence as brilliant as those of Churchill.

Where ? Theater of the Workshop, 1, place Charles-Dullin, 18th.

And after ? We sit on the terrace (weather, be nice!) at the Café de Luce by Amandine Chaignot .

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The most cinematic

The good show: La Mouette reviewed by Cyril Teste.

For who ? Lovers of extraordinary stagings.

You've never seen Chekhov 's The Seagull staged like this! And yet, it has been one of the most performed plays in the world since the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to his theatre-cinema which he calls “ film performance ”, Cyril Teste manages to reinvent this classic of classics written in 1895, a veritable concentrate of human passions. Let's not forget that the Russian playwright was also a doctor, and it is this closeness to men and women that still allows him today to teach us how to re-listen to the world and feelings.

Thanks to a high-performance video system, the public is therefore transported to the sweetness of a summer evening on the edge of a lake in the company of the various protagonists, including Nina, the famous Seagull, and their misunderstood or thwarted loves... for a rise in power of emotions until the final slap. An intimate theater multiplied tenfold by the screens and carried by the various talents of the MxM Collective .

Where ? Almond Tree Theater, 7 avenue Pablo Picasso, Nanterre (92)

Before or after ? We settle in the hall of the Ephemeral Theater thought of as a place of life in the style of a Shakespearian forest. Bob's bar, an offshoot of Bob Juice's bar, awaits you with its artisanal buns and bagels.

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© Simon Gosselin

The funniest

The good show: The Eye of the Tiger by Thomas Ngijol.

Whatiiiiii Rocky is making a comeback? Not quite, but he is also a star of the stand-up rings who finds the gilding of Déjazet , following his well-deserved triumph at the end of 2021 after 5 years of absence on stage. Thomas Ngijol , very busy with the seventh art ( Black Snake, Les Cobayes ), and his daughters too (5 at home including his partner, Karole Rocher ), found with undisguised pleasure and shared his first love, and that succeeded.

The pioneer of stand-up in France, deep voice of crooner and punchlines still as hard-hitting, has come a long way since Maison-Alfort . With maturity, the themes change - parenthood, life as a couple, social advancement... - but the panache and chiseled writing are always there, as well as a sharp look at societal and electoral issues. So joyful.

Where ? Déjazet Theater, 41 bd du Temple, 3rd.

And after ? We go to Bouillon République to taste scoundrel dishes at ridiculous prices. New: it is possible to book!

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© Saloi Jeddi & Lionel Koretzky

The most futuristic

The good show: Whist from the company AΦE.

Esteban Fourmi and Aoi Nakamura , choreographers fascinated by artificial intelligence and transhumanism, have designed a new kind of dance-theatre show in the form of a virtual reality journey through the meanders of our consciousness. Whist is the fruit of three years of work and research inspired by Freud 's theories on the unconscious and accompanied by a psychoanalyst to imagine the story of three characters who live in an abandoned house... Equipped with a AR helmet, the spectator changes the narrative according to his movements: no less than 76 different perspectives are available to him. At the end of the experience, each participant is offered an analysis of their journey. Intriguing!

Where ? National Theater of Chaillot, 1 place du Trocadéro and November 11, 16th.

And after ? We go for one of the best burgers or a pastrami at Schwartz' Deli , in his address on the 16th (7 avenue d'Eylau).

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© Paul Plews

The most family

The Good Show: Dear Parents of the Patron Siblings.

“Children, we are going to open an orphanage in Vietnam!” When Jules (the youngest), Louise and Pierre (the eldest) are summoned urgently by their parents, they expect the worst but are far from imagining their new fad. The offspring, worried, are preparing for the worst. When they learn the reason for this family reunion, they fall over backwards… but we won't say more. Written and directed by Armelle and Emmanuel Patron (sister and brother), this jubilant farce dismantles family ties and parent-child relationships without any cliché or taboo . It's lively, without dead time, well written and nothing sounds in the game. A nice surprise.

Where ? Theater of Paris, 15, rue Blanche, Paris 9th.

And after ? Treat yourself to a Neapolitan parenthesis at Polpette to taste pasta and competitive meatballs.

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© Christophe Lebedinsky

The craziest

The good show: Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï by Nicolas and Bruno.

Fabcaro again !!! It's true that it's a bit crazy between the film and theater adaptations, and the photo novel Guacamole Voodoo which comes out in May with Eric Judor . But when it's good, you never get tired! This time, the troublemakers of the paf and the cinema Nicolas and Bruno ( Informational message on Canal+, the adaptation of the series The Office or 99 Francs… ) innovate with the concept of living reading where they provide the voices and live sound effects, accompanied by the musician Mathias Fédoux and with the boards projected in the background. A delicacy of quirky humor by diversion pros! Note that the duo is at the helm of the adaptation of Figurec, the first novel by the comic book author as adored and talented as he is discreet.

Where ? Comedie de Paris, 42, rue Fontaine, 9th.

And after ? We take the opportunity to go and test the latest address of the Bao Family, Bleu Bao , and in particular its divine braised pork tenderloin and its spicy mussels.

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© Pascal Aimar

And also

For the more adventurous (who will be especially very lucky) who are not afraid of a 4-hour play, head to the Théâtre de l'Odéon to see Séverine Chavrier's latest theatrical odyssey, They Forgot Us According to Thomas Bernhard. Simply masterful.

Also discover the return of Sophie Calle to the Musée d'Orsey and the Dior gallery: a new fashion museum to visit urgently .

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