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The resolution for 2024: attend the theater more often! Easy to keep when the Do It Team is here to help you sift through the hundreds of productions gracing the Parisian theaters. From a drama featuring José Garcia and Isabelle Carré, to a poignant solo performance led by Clémentine Célarié, to a whimsical comedy with a 5-star cast, Alexis Michalik's latest creation, and a tribute to the iconic duo formed by Jean Poiret and Michel Serrault—here's a roundup of the must-book shows at the beginning of this year.


Biographie : un jeu

For whom? Eternal dissatisfied souls.

The pitch: What if, at 50, you could replay your life? Relive moments, change a decision? Bernard Kürmann (José Garcia), a psychology professor, has this miraculous ability and uses it to avoid meeting his second wife, Antoinette (Isabelle Carré). But how can he resist the love he feels for her? With the help of a mysterious man (Jérôme Kircher) who seems to know everything about his potential life choices and guides him like a director, Bernard will follow all his advice to avoid meeting her. Will he make the same mistakes?

After its phenomenal success in 2022, José Garcia and Isabelle Carré return to the stage to perform "Biography: a Game", directed by Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, based on a text by the Swiss Max Frisch. The comedy emperor José Garcia flourishes in this bittersweet drama. A must-see!

"Biography: a Game" until March 17 at Théâtre Marigny, Carré Marigny, Paris 8th.

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Je suis la maman du bourreau

For whom? Those in search of a powerful emotional impact.

The pitch: Gabrielle was blinded by the love she had for her favorite son, Pierre-Marie. A beloved priest, he is found dead at home after being accused of child abuse. In reality, he has been a sexual predator for years. Yet, Gabrielle, a loving, pious, and bourgeois mother, never knew. How could this happen? Why didn't she realize the monster she was associated with? Is she responsible? Gabrielle questions herself, suffers, and her faith takes a hit.

Adapted from David Lelait-Helo's eponymous novel, "I Am the Mother of the Executioner" is a poignant solo performance adapted, directed, and performed by Clémentine Célarié, whose success resonated at last summer's Avignon Off Festival. Transformed, the actress interprets with intensity the role of a mother with a broken heart. A text for which she felt a true love, whose subject remains as relevant as ever.

"I Am the Mother of the Executioner" until May 4 at Théâtre de la Pépinière, 7 rue Louis Legrand, Paris 2nd.

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L’amour chez les autres

For whom? Fans of British comedies.

The pitch: The Fosters, the Philips, and the Chestnuts know each other well, too well even. Frank Foster is the boss of Bob Phillips, who desperately hopes to become his right-hand man, while William Chestnut has just joined the company. Their wives share no common ground except one lover: Fiona Foster and Bob Phillips maintain an affair that they struggle to hide. To avoid arousing suspicion, the lovers use the Chestnuts as an unwitting alibi. Unaware of the lies, the couple is invited to dinner with the Fosters and the Phillips. Deception, lies, and laughter are to be expected...

This farcical play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn has been making Anglo-Saxons laugh since 1965. It finally arrives in France at Théâtre Edouard VII with, as a bonus, a cast that had us laughing in anticipation: Jonathan Lambert, Virginie Hocq, Arié Elmaleh, Julie Delarme, Sophie Bouilloux, and Andy Cocq. With all this talent, "Love Among Others" will probably be THE comedy of 2024.

"Love Among Others" from January 20 to May 19 at Théâtre Édouard VII, 10 place Édouard VII, Paris 9th.



For whom? Fans of Alexis Michalik.

The pitch: In the midst of the "jungle" of Calais, Issa, left for dead, has lost his memory. An Eritrean passport he finds on himself is the only clue that could provide him with information about his identity and his journey to Northern France. Who will help him? Ali from Syria, Arun from India, an English volunteer, or a radiologist? How will he face the authorities? Will he manage to integrate? And even survive? Issa embarks on a long, obstacle-filled quest to try to discover who he is.

When Alexis Michalik, the "golden boy" of French theater with 5 Molières, releases a new play, it's always an event. Again with "Passeport", even as "Edmond" "Intra Muros", and “Une histoire d’amour" are still being performed in the capital. The difference from these other creations? "Passeport" is his first political play, while remaining romantic. By addressing immigration and identity, Alexis Michalik engages with the aim of eliciting empathy from the audience.

"Passport" from January 26 to June 30 at Théâtre de la Renaissance, 20 boulevard Saint-Martin, Paris 10th.

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Poiret Serrault. Extraits extra

For whom? Fans of the giant duo Jean Poiret and Michel Serrault.

The pitch: There was no Serrault without Poiret... and vice versa. One of the most legendary duos in French theater formed in 1953 with the sole purpose of making crowds laugh. Performing in the biggest French theaters and cabarets, they reached their peak in 1973 with the cult play "La Cage aux Folles", written by Jean Poiret, which they performed until the end of their collaboration in 1978.

While both have left this world, Michel Serrault and Jean Poiret return to the stage at Théâtre Montparnasse thanks to François Berléand (Michel Serrault) and Nicolas Briançon (Jean Poiret), who pay tribute by performing their best sketches. With Nathalie Serrault, Michel's daughter, as the director, "Poiret Serrault. Extraits extra" promises a hilarious moment.

"Poiret Serrault. Extra Extracts" from February 14 to April 5 at Théâtre Montparnasse, 31 rue de la Gaîté, Paris 14th.


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