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Last glance in the mirror. Brushing : check. Manicure : check. The jumpsuit that gives you the buttocks of a goddess: check. Everything is perfect. But, as you prepare to join your lover, doubt assails you. This falafel menu supplemented with eggplant caviar at lunch break, was it really a good idea?

The diagnosis is without appeal: you suffer from halitosis (in other words: you stink of the beak). But don't panic: in the land of the French kiss, there are solutions to regain princess breath . Follow the tips of our experts to canter in complete peace of mind.

The tongue scraper, the new fad of healthy girls

The expert: Monique Foy , former Franco-Australian lawyer, yoga teacher passionate about Ayurveda and creator of Cosmic Dealer , a young self-care brand infused with good vibes.

The life-saving gesture: the tongue scraper, the new obsession of healthy girls to have a rosy and dapper tongue. The concept: scrape your tongue to eliminate toxins and candidiasis (oral mycosis). It is chosen in copper, for its antibacterial properties.

For a complete routine: try oil pulling , an Indian ritual that consists of gargling the mouth with vegetable oil (coconut, sesame or sunflower) for several minutes. Less aggressive than a mouthwash and more effective in capturing waste and bacteria in every nook and cranny.

Tongue scraper: €21, Botanical mouth: €18.50. Find it online .

The routine that pampers the oral flora

The expert: Marie Drago , doctor of pharmacy and founder of Gallinée , the pioneering cosmeto label in probiotic skin care. “ The mouth is home to the body's second microbiome after the gut. Only 1% of the 700 species of bacteria found there are bad. “Aside from the ultra-stripping whitening formulas that sell dreams, we are moving towards compositions that respect the oral ecosystem.

The gesture that saves: a care without rinsing based on food supplements in the form of lozenges to be sucked, enriched with vitamins D3 and B8 which protect the teeth and mucous membranes. Special mention for its super refreshing minty taste.

For a complete routine: regular brushing (from top to bottom, always!) with toothpaste from the same range, packed with prebiotics that are good for you.

Toothpaste: €12, box of 30 lozenges: €17. Find it online .

Essential oils to refresh and drain the liver

The expert: Maison Néroli , a shop on rue du Chemin-Vert that sells high-quality elixirs from hand-picked artisanal distillers. Here, we don't laugh with essential oils : the shop offers more than 400 ultra-sourced references (Oshadhi, Astérale, Lavandes et Compagnie…), natural cosmetics and a nice selection of books on aromatherapy .

The life-saving gesture: for a one-time refreshment, Grégory Chinon , the boss of the place, advises applying a drop of peppermint essential oil directly to the toothbrush. Another option: field mint essential oil, even more concentrated in menthol “ Very powerful, it is bactericidal, deodorizing and anti-infectious.
For a complete routine: focus on the essential oil of fresh ginger (a drop in vegetable oil or honey) which stimulates the digestive sphere, followed by a rinse with noble laurel hydrosol for an irreproachable herbaceous breath .

The golden rules of oral hygiene at the top

The expert: Meryl Menichetti , dentist specializing in aesthetics who glamorizes the profession with her “ tips ” videos on Insta. Go check out his before/after: it's stunning!

Life- saving gestures: Floss your teeth at least once a day and rinse with water because mouthwashes contain alcohol which can irritate the mucous membranes. Carry out regular checks/scaling at the dentist : 90% of cases of halitosis come from tartar and dental plaque clumped together on the teeth and gums.
For a complete routine: hydrate regularly (bacteria proliferate when the mouth is dry), avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee and foods such as garlic, onion, cabbage and spices whose molecules stick longer long on the mucous membranes, as well as high protein diets that are complex to digest.

Last chance toothpaste

The expert: Respire , the brand of natural, organic and eco-responsible products that is creating a buzz with its safe and effective 48-hour composition deodorant.

The gesture that saves your breath… and the planet: solid toothpaste, fun like candy (bite, suck, brush, rinse) and as efficient as a classic toothpaste with its neutral PH and natural ingredients. Top: the refillable metal box that saves 12 plastic tubes per year.

For a complete routine: invest in the kit which includes a solid toothpaste (60 tablets), its refill (120 tablets) and a recyclable wooden toothbrush to be quiet all summer long.

Solid toothpaste 60 tablets: €8.90. Find it online .

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