Netflix documentary: the real life of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Documentaire

When Lady Gaga accepts to go naked and decides to really play the game to show the other side of a well-dressed celeb, it quite naturally becomes an event. Gaga : Five Foot Two or the documentary that reveals the hidden side of the queen of pop.

For whom?

All those who are gaga about Mother Monster, but also those who fantasize on the dream life of famous people.

The pitch

8 months in the intimacy of the pop diva , from the preparation of her latest album, Joanne, to the Superbowl, including her disappointments in love, the clash with Madonna, family church outings or how she feels about being famous. In short : the other side of a megastar’s life, between the red carpet, artistic creations and existential anxieties.

Why you will adore

Wearing a jogging suit in her Malibu house, topless with her staff by the pool, crying in the arms of her producer Mark Ronson, smoking a joint or weakened by sickness (she has been suffering from fibromyalgia for years)… Gaga reveals herself in hallucinating and often moving sequences, filmed by a hand-held camera. « I am touched and spoken to all day, but then it’s total silence.» An incredible performer, we discover her fragile and authentic side. In fact, the star played the game until the end by refusing to see the film before the projection.

lady gaga documentaire netflix

Gaga : Five foot two.

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