Giulia Foïs: the new Virginie Despentes

Nathalie Duneau

Journalist, early feminist and the type to rush into the crowd to wake up the crowds, Giulia Foïs throws a new pavement in the pond with I am one on two , a cry of anger at a society still impregnated by the culture of rape . Why is this worthy heiress of Virginie Despentes to be followed closely?

A French pioneer of #Metoo

For Giulia Foïs , no need for the notoriety of her big sister Marina to be heard. October 2017. As the #MeToo movement roars across the Atlantic, the journalist tweets “ A red chef, big radio, little hallway, grabbing me by the throat, 'one day I'm going to fuck you, whether you want it or not'. #balancetonporc ”.

The tweet goes viral and makes thousands of children, the French version of the hashtag #MeToo is launched. But the fight has only just begun since as a good feminist (or simply as a woman who dares to speak out), Giulia Foïs will not escape hundreds of insults, “ vomit ” and accusations of lying…

A voice that opens your ears

After having hosted Point G in 2014 as Giulia , a daily on the Mouv ' station, then Babel-sur-Seine on France Inter , it is precisely to talk about the post #MeToo world that the journalist takes the microphone every week in her Pas son genre on France Inter . The guideline of the show? Jump in the puddles and unblock your ears by exploring every nook and cranny of gender and sexuality, from hairs to sexism in justice through conversion therapy or sex in the elderly.

With his powerful voice, his fierce humor, his writing down to the comma and his high-flying guests, we delight in having in our ears a malignant program capable of making us more readable a society riddled with injunctions.

Not his type on France Inter, Friday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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A Virginie Despentes 2.0

Couverture du livre Je suis une sur deux de Giulia Foïs

Because today, a woman is raped every seven minutes in France, because less than 2% of rapes result in a conviction , the journalist continues to sound the alarm bells by telling the importance that 'had the floor in its own reconstruction.

Fourteen years after Virginia Despentes' King Kong theory , Giulia Foïs in turn tells her story and the consequences of her rape, transforms her pain into anger and her rage into a fight to give a powerful kick in the anthill. And refuse the leaden cover that still suffocates women. Thank you.

I am one in two , Giulia Foïs, Flammarion, 192 pages, 16 €


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