The Bettina Vermillon pop-up is back

Bettina Vermillon

Bettina Vermillon? It’s THE most stylish shoe brand  of the moment. In short : “The new Louboutin”...

And with cause. When its designer Laurène Archambeaud organises a sale at La City: all the super sexy business lawyers and young CEO make a beeline to pick up a few paris. Fashion influencers are wild about them and trendy Parisiennes secretly whisper the name of this new designer.

Normal: not only is the design TOPS, with an unbreakable heel (we promise ! This is their claim to fame) but foremost: models are super-comfortable. Careful: shoes can only be purchased during the very exclusive secret sales!

You dream of wearing them on your feet? Well the good news is that the Bettina Vermillon pop-up store is back at the Secret Gallery, a very private place in Paris.

bettina vermillon

We like: the zebra pumps that will give a wildly Parisian allure to your jean-jacket-white shirt uniform. And that’s without counting your very couture black stilettos with gold straps, pumps in blue and black velvet to give a fashion touch to your pant suit, or green sandals that are going to make all the difference at a wedding. In short, they have your name on them!

Pop-up store Bettina Vermillon, Friday the 19th of May to Saturday the 20th of May from 9am to 9:30 pm at the Secret Gallery, 19 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris. Count 400€ for a pair.

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